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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mommy Playdates not for the weak ...

Today we went to Heather's house for a Mommy and Me Play-date let me just say when Heather throws a party she goes all out. She had 2 tables set up one for the kids and one for the adults with everything you could think of to eat. And you know I could disappoint so I of course had to try everything. And when I say try I mean gorge myself that when I finally got home I could barely get out of the car. Now answer me this why is when we find something we like being clothes, food etc we go overboard? Yup that was me couldn't just taste things and enjoy them no I had to keep going. Heather so had the right idea to keep moving that way she didn't' sit down in front of the food.

Beside a little screaming the kids had fun playing outside while us mommies hung out and had some very yummy Raspberry Fizz that had some pomegranate vodka in it that was to die for. I mean it tasted so good that you could drink several glasses and not know it until you tried to stand up and ran into the wall. Hey maybe that is what happened to Caden, you look shocked that something happened to one of my boys. I mean we can't even go to anyone house with out some type of battle wound. My boys they really love to add artwork in the black and blue form to their bodies. So this is the story Cole of course was running around into the back instead of staying up front with all the kids. I run out the slider to tell him to get his butt back in front. I turn to walk back into the house to see Caden hot my tail and before I could reach for him he trips and turns his face right into the metal track on the side of the door. Oh yeah talk about a panic mommy, with in seconds of falling a HUGE bump appeared. And when I say huge I mean it looked like a baseball had popped out of his head and of course it was right were a vein is so it looked 10 times worse. I really thought it was going to pop and blood would gush out, ok I know but what ca I say I'm a mom that worries. Thankfully after an hour and some Tylenol that Heather AWESOME neighbor ran to the store and bought (isn't that the kindest thing you've ever heard) the bump had gone down. Now all that is left is a nice gash on his head, I think he was trying to match the one that Cole did 6 months ago that is now an awesome scar on his head.

Here is Caden and our beautiful Host Heather
Oh you mean you can't see the bump, how about now!

After all that excitement we headed inside with all the kids and started on an art project! Heather is the best hostest ever besides making food for everyone, and yummy cocktails for the mommies, she bought pails and Halloween puffy stickers to decorate them. Now all the kids have trick or treating pails, wasn't that the nicest thing ever! I so need to be a party thrower like Heather, ok that would mean yet another ball in the air but it sounds like an amazing idea! So after a little help from the mommies for the little ones everyone had really cool pails. Caden kept trying to steal everyone, so I promised him (yes I know he's only 15 mo and can't understand me) that I would go buy him one today that I of course will decorate just for him to drag it around the house, not that it will even make it to Halloween night. We then got all the kids together outside to take a picture of all of them, Shannon told them to put them on their heads. So here is the crew all decked out like Pail heads (so reminded me of Sponge Bob movie when plankton made everyone wear bucket on their heads ... ok I'm getting of track).

Here is a picture of all the kids and their "Bucket heads" (can you believe we had all these kids in Heather's apartment?)

Cole had to pose for one by himselfAren't they cute. Caden & Khari Best Buds (well at this moment I didn't capture the other moments ... ha-ha)

What an amazing day the day was perfect the kids played outside, Caden took a nap and you know I had to stay by his side so I layed down with him. Not because I needed sleep before I feel over or anything =P. When we got up we watched movies The Love Guru which according to it's PG13 rating was pushing the envelope, it was a little on the nasty side and not even that funny. Then we put in Golden Compass I tried to give it a second chance and still couldn't get over my first thoughts of it. The kids then came in and played Guitar Hero which Roy did extremely well at and Cole even tried he hasn't gotten into the video game stage yet which is fine by me. During this time Shannon and her 3 kids left so it was just a few of us and of course I couldn't leave we now were onto pomegranate martinis, yup I'm such a wimp and died at my first taste. Everyone else took a ship and said they couldn't taste the Vodka, leave it to me to be the sour puss. At this point we were on our second (or should I say 3rd) time around with the food. Then Heather broke out the new game she bought Harry Potter Scene it! Heather played with Roy and Bailey and I was with Cole and Tyson. Tyson didn't even need me that boy knew all the answers I think I only helped with one he didn't know. We or should I say he won the game for us. The game, it was very cool it was attached with a DVD player that you used for clues and questions. It was a lot of fun!

Here we are playing Harry Potter Scene it
(of course not me in the picture I'm the picture taker)

We got home with enough time for me to take a little nap before I started my 2nd job of the day. Which was packed with orders and not too many cranks I can't ask for more. I did get 2 frat boys who thought it would be funny to pretend I was a pizza place. Where do they come up with this crap, I really would like to know. Over all an amazing Saturday!

Caden says good-night look my bump is better!

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