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Thursday, October 16, 2008

It has offically happened ...

My most embarrassing day at work, well maybe not the most but darn it it's in the top 5! Today was one of those days were I was snacking like crazy even though I've been doing so well for so long and have been complaining to Rick that I need to loose weight. So this may just be payback from the karma god. So as I said I've been bad and stopped at the candy bowl today. About 15 minutes before I am to leave I get a stomach pain and get the feeling I better run to the bathroom. Thinking no worries my room is only maybe 15 steps from the bathroom, well 5 steps was more then my stomach could handle. Let's just say when I left the bathroom my unmentionables where in a paper towel wet since I had to do a little washing in the bathroom sink. No washing your undergarments in the bathroom sink is a way to take extra care of them, but NOT when your at work. And I am so not a person that wears pants with out this item either, no worries about visible pantie line here I say bring it on. I want to make sure I have coverage I could careless if someone see the line of them that just shows that I care about these items. So just a quick note to make you laugh because I know if it didn't just happen to me I would laugh until I cried. Just to add to the image you have in your mind right now, I still have to run to JcPenny's to return things before its too late and pick the boys up where I must go into two different places! Try to walk slow and not let things creep up is my mission today!

Happy Thursday!


  1. We've all been there at least could have been way worse...I know someone who got the runs at work while wearing nylons...not a pretty picture...Hope they boys are behaved for you and that you are able to maintain at least a small semblance of clean in your house...Mine is a total disaster.

  2. Rachael you so funny I'm so glad that someone would want to comment on the poop story ... LOL! I'm so not a nylon girl anymore, now that would really suck! LOL behaving would be a dream just sitting still for a half minute is what I'm shooting for! That's why I have the house cleaner once a week, only thing saving me! Hang in there girlie!

  3. OH.
    Alexis!!! Girlfriend even if that was me I wouldn't have had to guts to post a blog about it!! You go girl!! Thanks for taking one for the team..if I were any greater of a woman, I'd admit that it has happened to me too....but yeah no....I just can't admit it sorry! LoL!

    Posted by A. Cullen on Oct 19, 2008 2:16 PM

  4. Hey I say if you can't say it all and then laugh about then your just not enjoying life with its ups and downs. If I'm going to blog about my hubby being bad or my kids pooping their pants I need to keep it real on my end too. And oh boy did I ... LOL


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