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Friday, October 3, 2008

Only if you could go back to bed and press restart!

Yesterday started with a bang, that is me jumping out of the bed and making a loud jumping noise and screaming. The edited version is "Rick why did you turn my alarm off?" as a sleepy Rick rolled over and mummble something out he didn't. OH really the alarm for you to take Cole to school is on, but mine is turned off! No time for this I'm getting no were he will NEVER admit he did something wrong or say sorry, typical guy! The night before I had the brillant idea that I would shower in the morning, so here I am running 20 minutes late, still need to shower get ready and of course feed Roy. I think I got most of the soap out of my hair, but looking at myself in the mirror later that day it was looking a little funny. Left over soap was the least of my worries! Thankfully I still had some pancakes made up in the fridge, heated those up quick and banged on Roy's door to get up. I'm sure my tone was oh so sweet, especially when I had to knock a few minutes later again! Finally he got up and ate while I finished up in the bathroom, got Caden dressed and thanked my lucky stars Cole was going with Rick today. I was making good time, until Roy took 20 MINUTES in the bathroom. He reminds me of a guy I use to date in High School/College that boy would spend FOREVER in the bathroom. But at least that guy would gel his hair and do other "pretty boy" things I used to call it. Roy is 10 and shouldn't be needing that much time. And I couldn't really yell at him to get his butt in gear, so my speed racing around the house fell flat on it's face.

Here I think I'm doing well I pull into the parking lot just a few minutes late, then I look over to see Roy still sitting in my car! Oh crap kid you need to speak up, so back out I go drop him off. I'm about to pull out when I see the husband coming over to my car. They have plans tomorrow and Roy can't come over at school, maybe I could do extended care? Ok I'm getting the point and believe me I've been asking every few days for the last 6 weeks to get Roy into the program. I'm turning blue asking so much and not getting any where! Enough about that I can't do anything except send another email and ask also about Roy's mom that I've been told is coming next week? Can my life get any crazier, I have a feeling I'm about to find out.

Work was crazy especially with me having to leave to pick Cole up and also have to leave early so I can get over to pick Roy up in the time slot they have asked me to be there! Something has to give I can't do this anymore, at least Cole's for only the month! We pile all the kids in the car once more for our trip home. Once home I of course try to figure out what I'm making for dinner, even though every night on the way home Roy asked "What is the dinner menu for tonight" you think I might start to plan so I can answer. So finally after some thought and Internet research I find a casserole and roll with it. Of course 10 minutes before my timer goes off Tarra calls asking if she can buy dinner, crap only 30 minutes earlier and that could be the plan. Instead we make plans for a special dinner tonight and watching Iron Man that has been sitting on my counter since Tuesday.

The night was perfect we had dinner, my house wife Tarra gave baths and got everyone ready for PJ's. I did the dishes made lunch for both Cole and Roy, since Roy has a field trip and needs a sack lunch. I am very proud to look around and see a pretty clean kitchen, a front room that looks like a war zone and over all a clean dinning room. Hey 2 out of 3 rooms is a victory in itself.

Night ended on a positive note I received a call from the host coordinator saying to put Roy into the extended care for one day and try it out. About Roy's mom coming they were a little surprised and they will figure out more on this, but I'm not responsible for airport and shuttling around! Yippee one less thing for my plate, I can only spin so many plates!

Let's hope today goes better, the jury is still out on that one!

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