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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Humpty is glued back together ..

Well thanks to my mom I made it to the Chiro yesterday who informed me that I was twisted. Really you think ... oh you mean my back? So after some serious popping and twisting, I know feel like a what a twizzler may feel like except I'm not that yummy strawberry wannabe taste. I guess if I use lip gloss ... HMMM ok back to the story.

Yesterday turned out oh so much better than I thought it would since the morning was a scary wake up call. After going to the Chiro and sitting for 1 hour, I got back to the rooms. They have been bought out by a new doctor and now you have a scan card to check in at the receptionist desk and when you get in the room. I felt like I was at the grocery store instead of getting a discount I get the same high bill and I'm doing more of the work, go figure! So I go sit in the room mind you with the door open glad I'm not wearing one of those backless gowns. The doc comes in and has me hop on the board, I guess hop is a stretch of the word. I would say hobble on try to lay on it while holding my shirt down and thinking to myself I really should have washed my hair, or you know deodorant! Oh yeah I was a site for soar eyes or even better only a face a mom could love. Believe me if mom knew she could say something about my appearance she would have, but thankfully she knew I was in too much pain and hey made sure I was wearing black socks with my black pants. I started the day with white ones and black shoes until Rick was so sweet and helped me since I couldn't touch my toes. Oops sorry went off track there, after being turned on my side and then forward into a bear hug I was feeling pretty good. I was told to put ice on and only lie down or walk around. So of course I opted for walking since me lying down was never going to happen. Mom and I went to Freddies and did some shopping, and even better mom bought me a yummy pumpkin spice latte! Which no I didn't spill on my shirt, well at least that you could see since it was a dark color shirt.

I was such a mess and to make life even funnier I decided that more walking would do the trick. Actually it wasn't too bad and it did help. Tarra ended up getting off early so she came and picked me up (I did get one ice in before we left). We headed over to Costco and go some yummy stuff for dinner and of course cookies because what meal would be complete with out cookies. After our Costco trip we found that we were running really behind so we swung around and picked up the kids. Now that was a site you think my car is packed each night, Tarra's' was full to the max!

We safely made it home unpacked and started dinner with only 1 trip to the store, we won't tell them Tarra that you passed the store and ended up going to a different one :). Over all my worst day turned into a pretty good day I'm feeling much better and actually had a pretty good day. I ended up going to bed and let everyone else stay up and watch The Happenings a scary movie which I don't do! So there it is I've been told I'm twisted and not just mentally! And I got icy hot rubbed on my bum by mom. How else would you pull your pants down for and let them rub stinky stuff?? Got to love moms they really do come in handy even when your older! Remember that kids!

I'm out of here I need to go get ready for our "Mommy and Me playdate" at Auntie Heathers house. Got to love a place where you can let the kids run and mommy's get to drink wine! I'm so there. Hey wine will help with the back right?


  1. So glad you are feeling better! Have some vicodin with that wine and not only will you feel a lot better, you won't care what the kids do...(hmm on second thought, keep the narcotics and alcohol separate)

  2. LOL you're too funny girlfriend, it might be good to have been with it. Since now Caden has beaten his head up (you'll have to see the new blog). Some days those boys kill me. P.S. OMG on the pea up the nose ... or should I say 4 peas wow that is a lot of peas!


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