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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 1 and we're still in school ...

So yesterday was our first day back at school and when I picked Cole up, everyone was smiles even the teacher. I so love that look instead of the look I got previously! We got praise reviews from the teacher, she even told me that Cole was more alert in the AM class! Cole was very excited to tell me that he was line leader for the week! Oh yeah you should have seen how he told me what he says to the other kids. First he stands up and looks them sturnly and starts to shake his whole arm and telling them to clean up there stuff and area and get in line. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen and wish I had a video camera there. I'll have to see if he'll do it for me at home and tape it. So Phew one day down and good reviews!

Since I'm out I make the most of it and run an errand for work to pick up some drawings. Thankfully at this time Rick calls me to remind me that tomorrow is picture day at Cole's school. Oh crap he really needs a haircut! When I run in to pick the drawings up they weren't ready, but guess what is next door. Luck stars were flying at me a barber shop was next door! We ran in real quick and got a $8 haircut, right on! Ran back over and grabbed the drawings and quick drop off at daycare. Of course I can't go in since then Caden would cry that I'm leaving, so with a wave I leave Cole outside ... just playing Grandma Pat was out there and took him inside.

Of course now I have a gap in my day that I need to fill back up, so I run around work getting everything done plus some last minute end of the month items! I of course show up 7 minutes late picking Roy up and yes I noticed the look and sigh I got. After picking the boys up, no Khari tonight we run home for a quick dinner. Hoping everyone is tired and will go to bed early I do bath and have everyone ready by 8pm. I read 3 count them 3 books to all the boys and tuck everyone in to bed. By the time I have a bottle for Caden, Rick walks in the door and I get his dinner to him and almost fall over. Guess it's no time just relax, just enough time to go lie down in bed and fall asleep to some show that I'm sure made no sense since today I have no idea what it was. Got to love TV right?

Now only if I could fall asleep like this ... this is what I found after running around getting ready for bed:

Well at least half the week is almost over, gearing up for Northwest Trek on Saturday after I get done with my 2nd job! One day all the bills will be paid with just one job a piece until then it's get all the money you can! Maybe I'll win the lotto? Hmm ... ok it's a dream well not even that!

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