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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hit me with your best shot ...

My life has now become a cliche of my favorite songs we start with with Pat Benetar belting it out and we end with Freddie Murcury of Queen singing my defeat with another one bites the dust.

Yesterday is just another example of Murphy's Law in the dictionary has a picture of me. As Jill would say if I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all! I must say that the new book I'm reading or should I say listening to since reading a book doesn't happen in my current world so I know listen to them on CD. What would I do with out the library, at least for brief moments I can drift off to a dream world before I so rudely get yanked back into the REAL WORLD.

Monday is the day that I pick up one of our employees at the airport, the usual time is 8:30am which is perfect time for me to get there and back to the office before I have to pick Cole up. Well that is usually the plan before the airlines decide to send me a HUGE curve ball. The curve ball is the flight was delayed and would be in at 10:50, ok that gives me 55 minutes to pick him up, drop him off and then leave to pick Cole up. NO worries I can do this, where the heck do I get this positive attitude? Nothing ever works just perfect there is always some kink and yet this day will not be any exception! After driving in a circle 5 count them 5 times, I call the office who gives the guy a call. The call went right to voicemail which lead me to believe he's still on the flight. So I find the cell phone lot which was so easy to find not, I won't tell you about the car I accidentally cut off and honked and gave me a lovely wave. Well I'm so not getting to Cole in time and Rick had the day off so I thought ok he can pick him up for me. Again what am I thinking, it's HIS day off which means its a day for him. Dummy me thinking he wouldn't mind running over there to pick Cole up and taking him to daycare. I really need to knock off this positive thinking thing its just a huge let down each time! After a few nice words that I could muster up we disconnect and I continue my waiting. Finally after being at the airport 1 hour I get the call to go pick him up. I go to the spot I usually pick him up, again after 3 times around the airport I'm getting frustrated and my head is starting to hurt. Finally I get a hold of him to find he's on a different level. There goes that morning!

The rest of the day didn't get any better! You know how you can ask someone should I do this different, they say no don't worry about it it's not a big deal don't spend the time. Then you get the item back with mark ups with the comments you were told to ignore. Yup that is the way the rest of my day went. I was so happy to get in my car and go pick the boys up. Roy went to Extended Care after school and the host people said he can go from now on! Good I'll pick up my boys and then pick him up since he's down the same street. Then I can go to the bank and post office and then go lay down to get rid of this headache. Well I got to the extended care where it is now pouring down. I run down to get him to find he is not there! The other host family took him home with them! You got to be kidding me now I have to drive all the way back to were my office is. I called to let them know what happened and was received with an icy tone, just what I need. My head is now fully throbbing and I just need to go, but instead I have to go up to the door and play nice. Not an easy task when you want to take your eyeball out and relieve the pressure! I make it to the bank right at 6pm, I'm about to pull forward when the gal shuts the blinds! Guess that means I'm not going to the bank! So I'm barely seeing out of one eye and try to get out of there, in doing this I hit the curb which of course scraps off some paint and leave a lovely yellow shade on my car! By this time I'm almost in tears and call Rick to come home. At first he was like WTF Alexis, but I think he heard it in my voice that he better hurry home! I go lie down in bed when Caden decides to stand at my door crying. So I bring him in with me, which is not fun since the lights are off. Finally Rick got home and took all the boys to the mall. Wow I finally found the point that I get help! I just need to be in excruciating pain and close to tears! Yup now isn't that a great way to get help. You got it I was done and I'm the one who bite the dust!

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