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Sunday, October 5, 2008

What can I do to make them sleep?

Last night I ended my 2nd job around 1:45ish got into bed and had sugar plum dreams of sleeping in. Yeah right how am I kidding I was just hoping for maybe a few winks before the mutiny started. So following suit Caden woke up at 3am, 4am, 5am then he gave me a little break and slept until 6:30am!!! Since Rick was so sweet (NOT) yesterday about getting up with him I knew it was my morning. I made a bottle took him to the couch and hoped I could get him to fall back to sleep no such luck Roy woke up and sat down with us and of course started to play with him. My mom's death look was off or maybe he really does just ignore me, who knows! After a few minutes Cole gets up! At this time I'm about to loose my biscuits and ask everyone even though no one is listening to me, what the heck are you all doing up at 7am? Yup My tone fell on def ears, everyone just went about playing and oh yeah whining that they were hungry. Hungry really that is the least of your problems, you have a mom on your hands who had 6 hours the night before and now 4 1/2 hours today of sleep. Again I just got looks like so what where is our breakfast! I think I need to go back to mom 101 to get my death look fixed, it's really off!

Since no one was going back to sleep and my coffee was helping keep my eyelids at half mass I made french toast with that amazing white bread I made last week. Can I tell you how much I love my bread maker and all these awesome recipes. You bakers rock by posting them with all your little tweaks. Ok back to breakfast ... I put back on my Cinderella apron made every ones breakfast put one aside for me for sometime this morning. Then cleaned up what somehow missed their mouths, did the dishes yet again. And yet again rinsed the plates that were just shoved into the sink even though I've asked around 20 times to rinse them!! Since Cinderella's apron is on I'll do laundry and why not do the sheets while I'm at it. Then Grumpy butt wakes up I give him his breakfast, in the mean time walking by mine once more hey it's cold but I'll take a bite I might finish it before noon. I got grumpy out the door and even had time to take a quick shower with only 3 times Cole coming in to tattletale on Roy.

After that great adventure I clean the floors put in my 5th load of laundry no joke! The lady from craigslist stops by and picks up the Chili Pepper costume, yeah only 3 more to go! While I'm cleaning Roy and Cole go in the room to play. While I go back to put #5 in the dryer and #6 in the washer I walk into my bedroom. To find a white dusting on all the clean clothes I haven't folded yet. I think I'm going to loose it, then I go into Cole's room and see it all over his bed, the baby's bed. I run out to the living room, count to 10, and ask nicely what the HECK happened here. Of course Roy has no idea and says it must have been Cole, oh come on guys you both were playing together. I ask them both do you think I don't clean enough, plus of course you had to pick the baby powder that is not the generic version that also was the medicated so it was super expensive. Oh yeah did I mention it was a NEW bottle and it was completely EMPTY!! I look closer at my bedroom and see it everywhere. I think I might just cry, so instead I go online and sign us up for members at the Children's Museum even though it's $75 for a year it's so great to just take them there to run. Also had to hear it from Rick that spending that money, he just doesn't understand my sanity is worth every penny!

We get dressed and head over to the library to pick up new books for all. Only had to hear Cole yell across the library 3 times, hey were doing better. Then we head to down town Tacoma to take the Light Rail to the Museum. Heck the ride is free, parking is free and the kids are excited to ride it .... really a win win! We get there they have their new exhibit set up ... The Raven after the book. It was pretty cool the kids had fun, well I thought they did until Roy came up to me to tell me he's bored. Oh geez dude we're out of the house and they have painting, drawing, magnet's and a blocks use your imagination and deal with it. Instead I just smile and turn around and bite my tongue, I think I might not have a tongue left soon! 2 hours and everyone is feeling better so we head back out and of course as we're walking down to the tram we see it pass, did I mention it's Sunday so it comes every 20 MINUTES. So I go buy some drinks and a bag of Frito's to share, Roy must have really liked him he almost to the bag out of my hand and ate it. We get back to the car all in one peace, no one is crying including me so it had to be a success right?

Here we are all happy waiting for the tram

Tacoma's Light Rail, it Rocks because it's FREE (My fav word)Cole in the "Build it" part of the new "ART" room at the Museum

Roy creating on the Design Wall (Caden helping)

Roy dressing up in the new Indian Theme CostumesThe boys hanging the Salmon in the new exhibit

The scene in the car when we got home
To bad that didn't last until we got home, I put Caden to sleep and Cole went to sleep on the couch. Well Roy wasn't tired so he woke Cole up, my head was feeling so heavy I just had to take my chances and go take a nap. When I awoke it was to a screaming Caden, you know what I found. Roy and Cole with the light on standing over the crib, really boys was that necessary? Then I go into the living room were I find raisins on the floor, fruit snack wrappers everywhere and the room I just cleaned this morning trashed once again. I think you need to lock me up and put me in a padded room, it may be the only peace and quiet and down time I'll ever get. Guess what I did, yes another load of laundry just to make my day better! Thankfully mom called and send home a casserole with Rick. He was her yard slave all day, good pay back for what my weekends are like.

Now I'm going to lay down watch TV and maybe if I can go to bed early. Oh those sugar plum dreams, who really am I kidding?

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