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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can you say Murphy's Law?

Well that would be my life, yup had grand plans to get up early go into work and get all my printing done since last night was a disaster! Well getting up and ready wasn't the problem, it was getting two boys up that had shots the day before that had horrible nights. Caden spent most of the night with us tossing and turning and my favorite part kicking Rick in the head (because sleeping with your head at the top is so yesterday). Cole woke up puking and a fever, I gave both of them Tylenol and waited out the night. So I get to work around 7:30am a 1/2 hour later then I was planning ... ugh. Of course people are pacing from seeing the report spread everywhere and in like 4 pieces since I was having to make copies on a fax machine the night before! So I got to work and finished up the report to calm everyone down.

Started to heat up my lunch walked away and lost my spot in line, thanks to Jill it got put back into the the rotation. I started to sit down and found another proposal hit my desk, no worries that is 3 I've gotten so far this week. I guess I should take that as a compliment, that I'm doing good ... or is it punishment? At this point I'm not sure what is a worse fate. Stand up grab my lunch and start working on the bills once more. Before I can even take a bite of my lunch I get a call from Cole's school. When our receptionist announced it was then my heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach, Jill our receptionist even had the tone in her voice worried for me. Thankfully it wasn't poop this time, but it was a fever of 101 ugh. No worries I'll finish up and come pick him up. Of course I show up right at the beginning of nap time and wake up a few kids when I open the door. Sorry!

Cole and I head home to relax not for long since I'm on airport duty today and have to be back at the office in 1 1/2 hours! Cole gets a little down time before it's back in the car we go. We get to the office and Dan is running a little behind so we hang out in the car for him. He gets in and the minute his butt touches the sit Cole's Tylenol kicks in because he's talking nonstop like someone put a quarter in him. Dan turns to me and says at least you'll stay awake when you drive with him talking. I nod and smile :). At this point the sky opens up and dumps on us, getting there wasn't bad it's getting home that is the hard part. So of course today is the day for Roy's teacher conference, no prob it's 3:45pm and the apt is at 5pm. Well that is before the gas light comes on mind you while we aren't even moving just sitting there. Finally we inch to an exit and I see a sign for gas, yes plus I need to pee before my seat is not just wet from the rain mind you streaming down the door now! Oh joy we get back on the freeway and inch forward while I'm trying to see how I can put myself closer to the center console and still shift the stick. An art I haven't learned, I felt like I was 19 again driving my little Geo.

I make it to Tacoma 5 minutes before 5pm, I try 411 to get the number to call the school. No luck, try Rick to find the number. He finds it and try calling the school no answer, I try her cell phone no answer. Crap and double crap! I arrive at the school 20 minutes late and the doors are locked. I find she's in another building, mind you I've been running around outside and my hair is not stuck to my face with all the hairspray. I'm not looking pretty at this moment. I see the principal who ask me to push a cart for her (mind you in the rain) and she just takes off like her pants are on fire, never looking back at me. Ok no worries I'll just push this cart for you, never once did she turn around. I guess I'll just leave it here since now I'm even later getting to my appointment. Conference went nice I really like his teacher and she is so on the same page as me and so helpful and nice. She's great and I can't wait to keep in touch with her. Homeward bound we go with only one stop to pick up fries for dinner.

Just get me home before I pee my pants oh crap I really have to pee yet again! Make it home just in time! Yup my day was wonderful I can't wait for tomorrow!

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