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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just two more minutes ...

Went into wake Cole up for the day, he rolled over and held 2 fingers up to me. Momma just give me two more minutes and then I'll get up. He promptly rolled back over and went back to sleep. He then woke up a few minutes later called to me "Momma I need some juice, you put it on the table and I'll wait here in bed until you have it for me, Ok?". Yup I'm officially Alice, minus 3 kids!

Today was totally crazy at work, doing lot's of reports, working on the partners bills and yet another prosal set my way. My amazing Friend Rachael's Space brought me a VERY yummy Latte! Can you say AWESOME needed Caffeine! Rachael is my co-workers wife that is now one of BFF's :) (Yup I know so High School, deal with it). The funny thing is her hubby and I use to work together a lot on small projects, he's moved on and yup I'm still the helper for another co-worker. The funny thing is he used to joke around that I was his Office-Wife, my radio show did a whole program about this about how in some cases it can be bad. Most of those hubby's had lunch and hung out a lot with their Office-Wife, in our case we just chit chat a lot. Rachaels' hubby is big into some of the same reality shows I watch, which is AWESOME since Rick hates them and I SO need someone to talk to about them ... LOL. But a cool thing is I met his wife and now were friends. She also made the CUTEST bear that I bought for Caden, it's a Sweetpea design which is what my dad use to call me and the theme we did for Caden's babyshower! She makes the most amazing bears, you'll have to check out Rachael's Amazing Bears they are all baby/toddler safe with no eyes (but I'm sure if you ask she'd put some on if you wanted). She did a gorgeous one for this lady with a shirt from her father who passed away check it Special Bear (Just in case any of you have something that you want made into a bear), she puts a lot of love and care into them and sells them for $20 (I know what an amazing deal). I'm going to try to get something of my great grandmothers to have made into a bear for my mom. Mom and her where VERY close and when she passed a few months ago I know it really effected mom, but she lived 99 years which is just amazing, enough to have Great Great Grandchildren pretty cool.

My yummy Almond Roca Latte
My Sweetpea Bear


  1. Oh crimenitly trigger, that sounds like a hellish afternoon! Glad you made it through ok. I think that photocopiers are pure evil sent from the devil...I was in charge of all 6 copiers on 3 floors (that is a total of 18 machines) when I worked at T-mobile...let me tell you, I can fix most problems now without calling the techs in, but still, they jammed at least once a day and at least once a week I had to call a tech in. I know your pain I (though I have never had to deal with it with unhappy kids in tow).
    As far as the doctor goes, I would love to reccomend our pediatricians - Union Avenue Pediatrics. They are pretty close to your office (and will be between your house and the new office). They are wonderful. Though I have had to wait longer than my scheduled appt. once or twice I have never once been rushed through. They always answer my questions and not while creeping towards the door. They also offer free parenting classes and have a ton of resources for parents (like the naturopath across the hall if you are into that or child phsycology or baby signing classes, etc. etc.) The other thing I love about them is that if you are just taking your kid in for a check up or routine shots you go to the 'well child clinic' (same building) so you are not in a waiting room with a bunch of kids with the flu.
    Ok...sorry that was long. Take care. Brian will probably call you tomorrow.

  2. It's funny you mention your doctor I was planning on asking Brian about it when he got back. He's always had such great things to say and I think my idea of all for one with my doctor is just not going to work. I'll have to try them out when we get Caden's 18 mo shots! This time I'm bringing reinforcements!

    Can't wait best of luck today, wich I know you'll hear after having the baby but still it's the thought right? LOL


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