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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quiet Gone, Normal Life Returns?

How nice was it to have Cole at my mom and dads for a night? Let me tell you how nice I didn't hear "Cole don't touch that", "COLE", "Cole it's mine turn", "Cole did this ..."! Some days I want to scream grow up and learn to share. Within 1/2 hour of being home the peace and quiet was gone and the talla telling began. Now if this was Cole and Caden I would say your not using the game he can use it, play nice. Instead I can't tell someone else's kid to share because he just ignores me. Were did I go wrong here, I opened up my home, give you a room to yourself (mind you my 2 son now have to share a room), you have warm meals each day and clean clothes, oh wait don't let me forget about all the places we go each weekend! Why must you be an ungrateful mean spirited person? So life has returned to they way it's been for a few months, oh joy!

I did get the last bit of shopping done and picked up a box my MIL sent me. I had to run to Wal-Mart to pick up laundry soap to wash the items that my MIL sent, since she smokes and I usually have to wash them 3 times. She crocheted a wonderful assortment of items for Cole's school, they are having a boutique for the kids to buy items for their family. I asked her if she had anything lying around and she made me 8 different pot holders (4 square, 4 round); 2 bag holders (One shaped like a carrot and one like a head of corn); a toilet paper holder for the wall, one for one roll of tp; a baby blanket; 4 scarfs; a cat and mouse that can hold a can or soda or whatever and a dachshund hound cover for a box of Kleenex. The dog is my favorite and coming from a person who hates trinkets and what I consider dust collectors. My mom said she's buying it for her friend Janet and I'm not allowed to take it to the school :), that's fine I'll donate the money she'll pay for it (she'll pay more then what the kids would have, so a win for the school)!

Back to my story sorry got a little sidetracked, but I was really blown away by all she made! I even got a little treat from Wal-Mart they extended there sale on jeans for a few hours and I was able to get Cole mister string bean who is growing out of and currently looks like he's waiting for a flood which is bad since 1 it's not summer and Capri's are out and 2 he's a boy so wearing Capri's isn't cool! hey $4 jeans that are thick and durable is a huge score! I even returned a few items so the jeans were free (well not really free since I did buy the stuff in the beginning but still I didn't spend more that day).

Back home we went were you know how dull life can be or I guess boring since a certain person kept saying they were bored. So we stayed inside for the rest of the day (oh stop it I wasn't being mean, ok maybe just a little ... just playing). Rick got a hair and took down all the Christmas stuff so I could decorate the tree, yes you read that correct after doing laundry all day long, cleaning and cooking I get to decorate the tree! So I get the boys to help me see you get to do something today! (sorry I couldn't help myself)

The boys were so wound up I finally got them to bed around 9pm, took a little nap before my second job started. So this is my day in a nutshell, I now have the tree up and presents under it! Joy to the world the peace is gone and I think now I need earplugs or maybe a hair transplant for all the hair pulled out the last day!

Pot Holders.

Aren't these too cool?
A Carrot and Head of Corn Bag Holder.
TP Wall Holder.

Baby Blanket in that super soft yarn.

The very pretty scarfs.

The Cat & Mouse fit a soda can.
My Favorite one, the Doggie.
Isn't that way too cute?
A Front view.Here it is my tree complete (well minus my angel who is missing)
Yes I'm crazy and it's only blue, white and silver.

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