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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Good News Goes Unpunished!

Sometimes it feels like I take one step forward to then have to take 2 or 3 steps backwards. Today I felt like the world opened up and was sending me all the bad juju.

Today started with Caden waking up not once, not twice, not even 3 times but a total of 4 times. I was about to give up and go sit in his room to shh him back to sleep the next time. Finally after 4 times of crawling out of bed I thinking OK I'm going to catch at least one hour of sleep. That plan lasted a total of 3 seconds since before I knew what was happening Cole jumped in our bed. And I mean he really jumped into our bed like a potato being launched out of PVC pipe (sorry just finished reading Plum mystery and they talked about them). After some tossing and turning and asking for cartoons, I roll over and prayed for just 15 minutes. That is when I feel legs thrown over me an Cole whispering "I have to go potty", now when I say whisper I mean his inside voice which can be heard in the front of the house. Fine whatever just let me go to sleep! Now I should be EXTREMELY happy (which I am) that he's getting up to use the bathroom. Ever since the arrive of Caden we've been having problems at night time, this week (knock on wood) we're going on 5 DRY nights. But when your sleep deprived these wonderful thoughts don't enter your fuzzy brain. What does is I better go to sleep before ... too late the alarm goes off. It's even an hour later then usual since I took the morning off for Cole's concert (just wait for that story).

I get the boys dressed and in the car and run a little behind, you know how I can tell this because a certain 10 year old is tapping his fingers and sighing over and over and over again. Hello kid you'll get there! I drop everyone off thanking the lord I only had to go inside to Cole's school and Grandma Pats, I dropped Roy off in front of his school. Since in our rush to get out the door only the top half of me was dressed, now stop gasping I was wearing my PJ bottoms, paired with my nice new sweater and jacket. Stacy and Clinton (TLC's What Not to Wear) you need to turn away from those camera's, sorry it was a bad morning! Hey I had my hair done, but I didn't have a lick of makeup on. I must have looked comical and was very happy no one said a thing to me. I went home and put real pants on and make-up go figure! I then head to the DOL to get my license renewed, yes I know my birthday was in June and yes I know it's November! OK I have a VERY good reason, see I was going to do it then things got a little crazy around here and then my hair dresser turned my hair brown so I just knew they would change my hair color on the license and these things last for 8 years! Yes I know it's a lame excuse and no I didn't tell the guy there my story, yes I blamed it on Rick and said I thought he renewed it online. WHAT it's only a white lie! So my DOL experience was fast and rather pleasant minus the guy asking me 2 times if my height and WEIGHT are the same. I wanted to scream I've had a baby, OK yes he's over a year but man it's taking a long time this time (guess that cheesecake tonight isn't helping). Oh well by 2016 I'll be close to that crazy number that I don't think I've seen since High School, or maybe that was Junior High?

After my adventures in picture taking I head to Cole's school to meet my parents for Cole's play. I was in such a hurry I forgot the camcorder (that I even charged)! When I get there just dad is in the parking lot so we head into the chapel. Where it is extremely dark and just the kids are sitting in the pews, maybe because were 10 minutes early (YES you read that correct)? So then mom shows up, how come no other parents are here? Let me tell you why, because today is not a concert today is just for the kids! Oh yeah major palm slap to the forehead on that one! Mom and dad did take me Nordstrom Bistro, no longer Cafe, for lunch. Score for me!

I get to work 15 minutes before I thought I would be there, and get this idea I better call the other host person that said they would pick Roy up today after school, since it's a half day and extended care is not open. Oh yeah he forgot and no they can't pick him up since they are leaving town right now! Oh crap, back in the car I go and towards Roy's school. I'm seriously thinking someone is laughing at my day! On the way there I'm still talking to the other host family and they are having some of the same problems as me, hmmm makes me feel better. Back to the point I pick Roy up and tell him sorry dude but you have to come hang out at my work. I just happened to have his DS in my purse since I was meeting someone off craigslist for a used one for Cole's Christmas present. I set him up and he got to have the other half of my sandwich from Nordstrom (which of course he didn't like). He lasted maybe a 1/2 with his game and went wondering around the building. Ugh ... sorry you have to stay in here people are working and I need you by my office. I was trying to get out at 4pm but it turned out to be 4:30ish instead. So for the 4 hours we were there he walked out every 1/2 hour and looked over my shoulder and asked when are we going home! Sorry I know this is not ideal but you have to deal with it, play your game. It's boring! So Jana was so sweet and let him borrow 2 books, that last less then 10 minutes. I let him know go back in there and read them, it's going to be a while! Yup 10 minutes later when are we going home, by this time I want to SCREAM NEVER. I reframe and keep chugging at my work and grumble to myself, it has to be over soon right?

But no I need to go back to the gals house from craigslist the same one I went to last night but the only charger Target has was car one and that didn't work. So I bring in Roy's wall charger and try it, nothing works! She says you can have it for $40 (was $75, mind you a new one is $129) and play with it at home. No problem I'll make it work if I have to. So Cole's major Christmas present is done, and even though at first the car charger didn't work on it but did work on Roy's. The wall charger left charging for a few hours let it finally boot up and it seems to work just fine! Yeah so now all I need is Mario Cart and we're set. So I guess today wasn't a total bust!

Always have to have the good with the bad, but really can we even it up? Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm cooking my 1st full Thanksgiving day meal all by myself. Yikes let's hope the house and my hair are intact tomorrow night. You know since I have to be up at the butt crack of dawn to go shopping Friday, plus a little shopping Thanksgiving day also.


  1. I can't wait till my girls start torturing me like this! I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm not celebrating mine till Saturday because my husband works today. You wouldn't believe the menu I have concocted...sometimes I think I am my own worse enemy! Hope you have a great holiday!


  2. Yeah it's a joy, no really after the moment it's funny and I can laugh. Just in that moment that is the killer!

    Ugh having to work on Thanksgiving day! I can't wait to see pictures of the meal. I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous! You kill me I need to tap into some of that amazing talent of yours!

    Happy Holiday to you and your family also.

    Lex ;)


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