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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Freight Night ...Ok maybe PG but still Fun

What an amazing day we had. Yesterday was one packed day, I got off a little early picked the boys up and took them to my work to show them off in their costumes. Scooby and Scrappy were a huge hit! After we ran and picked Roy up from his field trip at Tiffany's Skating Rink, he's teacher was super nice and let me pick him up there instead of go back to Tacoma. Then we headed up the hill to my parents house to hang out before we head out trick-or-treating.

We had a nice relaxing time, we watch Iron Man again, played cars and had a yummy dinner of cheddar broccoli with ham soup. Mom wasn't feeling up to par but got her second wind put her pumpkin trash bag on and was ready to go. The kids had a lot of fun walking around down town Sumner, were all the shop owner dress up and pass out candy and even a yummy Chai Tea for the parents. Yup I think Scooby and Scrappy were the best costumes EVER, hey I'm not the only one we got stopped so many times along with asked where I bought them. Poor mom's tights kept sliding down so the whole time around she had to keep one hand on her tights and one hand on Caden, it was the funnest thing I've ever seen (probably why she was holding Caden because I was laughing too hard). Khari and her daddy were running late so by the time we had gone around once and mom was fed up with her tights they showed up. One more time around won't hurt, hey don't shake your head at me I didn't let the kids get a second round of candy.

Since the kids were crying why not go around the neighborhoods and collect even more candy that will taunt me and call my name every night. Oh yeah just what I need more chocolate, oh geez here it is calling my name again! Ok I'm back it was just a small piece (just joking, ok stop). The people in Sumner are so nice since they get hit with tons of kids, 2 house especially were very cool. One house had a tunnel made on the side of there house with screaming kids, air blowing and fog ... did I mention it was black tarps and pitch black inside? Yup Khari and her daddy went so Roy and Cole went along. 2 minutes later I hear "MOMMY" and here comes my kid running scared out the entrance. Poor kid didn't see me at first and was screaming and running all over this person front lawn. After a few minutes Cole decides that he wants to go in it with me and Auntie Tarra. I ask the owner is it stroller safe and we fourbied thru it. A kid jumped out and screamed over and over and of course scared Cole again who this time was between Me and Tarra. Little Caden did just fine until the end which mind you ended in their garage that was all decorated and had snacks!! That's when Caden started to scream, maybe one of the snacks was traumatic to him? The second house every year has something creepy with a guy jumping out at you. This year they decorated a car all creepy and had him sitting in the passenger seat it was great. If your ever in Sumner for Halloween it's a must to see these two house.

By this time we're getting cold and it's time to head to Tarra's house. Tarra's mom made a nice dinner for the kids and something yummy for the adults too. Then it was movie time, we watched Journey to the center of the Earth. It was pretty good, I'm going to go buy it so we can watch it in 3D! I was tired that I convinced myself that it was daylight savings Saturday so I could get an extra hour, yup no matter how hard you try to tell yourself this it doesn't make it true. Thankfully the other side of my brain had the idea to check the Internet. Oh well I guess less then 6 hours isn't too bad for sleep.

So that was our Halloween pretty cool huh? Check out some pictures:

Here is Bapa, Scrappy, Pumpkin lady, Scooby and Harry Potter!
Here we are starting out
See mom holding her tights with the left hand?
Pumpkin Monnie and Scrappy Caden
Scrappy decided he was busting out on his own.
What I have a sucker? I'm set for life, right?
Harry Potter, Fifi, Scooby and Scrappy
Scrappy is riding now
Love the red socks? Dinner at Tarra's. Almost Movie Time!!

The End, well until my next post that is.

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