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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Moments you write down to remember

I've been so wrapped up in my drama that I forgot to post that Cole is now back to school/daycare full time! We're on day 2 of good reports, Knock on wood they keep coming! So update on my car I'm almost finished filling out the stupid collision report, which mind you is silly if it was a hit and run and you have NO CLUE who the other person was. My agent told me it's just a formality to get the reduced deductible. Yup the things we do to save money! Next step is to get it to the repair shop to get a estimate. Hopefully pretty quickly since when I got into the car this morning running late since Cole was unwilling to get going. I sat down in and had a refreshing feeling, a feeling of a WET butt! Oh yeah since it was running down the door my left leg was wet too! Not just a little wet but super SOAKED so when I got to work was walking around like I was Caden with a wet diaper! Welcome to my day that just kept going down from there.

All I wanted to do was get home but then of course I needed milk and banana's staple of my household! Which then left us getting home around 6:30ish, unpack the bags, get dinner started and hey why not put together pot roast for tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have dinner before 7:30pm. Ugh one day I think things will fall into place, at least tomorrow Leah comes to clean. Yippee as soon as she's done in the bathroom I'm going to run in there lock the door and sit on my clean toilet. Since it will only be clean for those brief few minutes of pure blissful joyful nirvana. Then I will slip back down to earth only because 1st child will be banging on the door to you know go pee and the 2nd child would be crying like no tomorrow. Back to reality, it's those little Calgone Moments that I need to Cherish. That and this moment:

Last Thursday I had this brilliant idea to make cupcakes to say thank you to the host parents that had been taking Roy to school for me. The thing is like it always is I have a million things to do and before I know it it's past 10pm and I really should get some sleep. So it's a mix for the cupcakes this time, sorry. After I pulled them out of the oven I was so tired and didn't have enough tooth picks to keep my eyes open to wait for them to cool. So I get up early to frost these brilliant ideas and ran into the kitchen to find this. Yup my oh so amazing husband frosted them for me. Yup a moment to write down in history, sometimes he can be a turd and really make me want to really runaway. Then days like last Friday make me run back into the room and kiss him on the head, who promptly brushes me away with a grumpy go away ... well that was short lived! I've been meaning to post this moment so the next time I'm pulling my hair out I can come back and read this and do my count to 10 and then maybe recount to 10!


  1. Isn't it amazing how many more hoops we are made to jump through when it's something that might actually save us some money? Sorry about the wet butt. Been there (only due to leaving the stupid window down but ya know, the surprise is still the same).
    Glad your hubby had a sweet moment. I think sometimes they think they can see how close we are getting to the end of our ropes and throw those things in just to keep us from killing them or running away. You know what they say - no man was ever murdered while doing the dishes (well, not by his wife anyway). Do they know housework and the little things are like foreplay to us? Of course the don't, otherwise we'd have clean houses but be tired for other reasons ;)

  2. I know it kills me I pay so much each year and something happens that is not my fault and look I'm still out more money and have to do more work for it! Ugh

    You crack me up wet butt girls unite!

    Rare and far between but your right, they always come right before my breaking point. Hmmm ... really I think they ARE all out to get me! I SO agree on the foreplay idea ... :)

  3. Yippie!! I woke up got on here and saw you had bloggged...whooohoooo!! I love your stories and so sorry abouy your wet butt! Totally funny though! And oh man how sweet of your hubby! And I agree with Racheal too, so is frosting those cuppies like foreplay? LOL!!!
    Have a great day!!!

    Posted by Ms. Vanessa on Nov 5, 2008 8:18 AM

  4. Ms. Vanessa you and Rachael make my day when I see comments from you two. It makes me see the funny in my wacky life and enjoy those moments. Better to laugh then cry, if you can't laugh then you need to go shopping ;).

    Hmmm we need to pass around the word girls!

  5. Usually if I can't laugh I go fish!
    Shopping so doesn't make me happy! But it does make my hubby happy that I don' shop. I never would have thought I would so get into fishing...I really like it! I even cut and bait my own hook now and even take the fish off the hook. But if it's shopping that works for go girl! Hope your day is off to a good start!

    Ms. Vanessa

  6. Yup this girl even though not a girlie girl doesn't do fish or camping ... LOL. Subjected to much when I was young I think. Shopping is a great release but unfortuntly I only go maybe 2 times a year for myself (that is if I'm lucky). Mostly for the boys and Mr. Rick is a shopper like no tomorrow.
    The one down fall of him working loss prevention in major stores, is he buys LOTS of T-Shirts that then need to be hung up! :) Go figure!


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