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Sunday, November 16, 2008

But Only MOM Will Do!

Sorry I never got around to posting my funny morning yesterday afternoon, you know didn't want to overload you with laughter.

So yesterday I got up to do my 5am shift for the call center, where I was met with oh so joyful people once more. It cracks me up how rude people are that called into a program requesting information ... HELLO you called us 1st I'm just returning your call. I had one guy turn on some machinery so he had to keep going "What?" "I can't hear you" ... really and your in the retirement age so I know you're old enough not to be pulling stunts like that. A few more calls like that and I'm ready for something new. At that point Caden starts crying, now the deal on Saturdays is Rick will get up with the kids during this 4 hour block. Ok as you noticed I say the deal or maybe I should say a plan that is just a formality because why would we follow thru.

I finish up my call and head to the boys room. Where I'm met with the over powering smell of diaherra, well at least it's not puke! So I purposively (I mean find the only open spot) take Caden to our bedroom to change him. Hoping the noise will give Rick the heads up that he needs to get up and take care of the baby. Well that didn't work he was sick and as usualful as another kid in this house would be to me. So I do the mini babywipe bath on Caden, change his clothes, and give him some water down milk hoping he will be able to keep that down. The start of Day 2 without puke we should be ok, right? I head back to the phone calls to hear screaming from Cole's room an hour later, when the piercing sound keeps coming I finish up and head again to the boys room. Grab Cole put him on the couch with cartoons and a blanket and go back to the calls.

It's quite for a total of 20 minutes before I hear screaming coming from my bedroom! Really why is everyone up at 7am and making so much noise and why is only mom can fix the problem? Once again I finish up my call and walk to the bedroom where I find Caden in a fit of non-stop crying and Cole at least laying down trying to pet his head. I fix another bottle and hope he will lay down with Rick and Cole. I don't even get my butt in the chair before the crying starts again. REALLY?? I march in there to find Rick out his wits end, really wanting to go post and ask him why he can't handle this. Since you know he had yesterday off, got to sleep in and not deal with kids! When do I get a day to sleep in and no kids? But I restrain myself knowing after my shift it's on! I grab Caden and head back to my computer, ok I can do this! I get Caden a toy and start back on a call, thankfully it's an answering machine since at that moment Caden starts puking. NOT just on him, but me, the floor I mean that boy had some amazing aim. Once more I stand up grab a towel to clean up the floor. I undress Caden run a bath and babywipe myself. Quickest bath known to man and we're dressed and I'm back on the phones. Mind you one handed since Caden is resting on my left side. You know how hard it is to type with one hand while holding the phone?

Someone was looking down on me because Caden fell asleep and I put him down on the couch. Finally peace and quiet and I only have a little over an 1 1/2 left on my shift. About 1/2 hour later Cole decides he needs to come out here and while I'm on the phone go "MOM .... MOM", when I shoot the death look, he continues with "MOM". Then a few more questions, I have a stack of cloth table mats that I throw at him. This doesn't detur him he keeps going, I'm trying to get off the phone but he just was lonely and wanted to talk. I wrap up the call and chase Cole around and of course wake Caden up at the same time. Could this day get any better? Guess not because we go over our shift and then hello all 3 kids are bouncing around and 2 of them wanting breakfast. Sure no problem I have puke on me and you 2 want breakfast and of course right now!

I walk into the kitchen to find dishes to the sky in my sink, who the heck did I peeve off? After do the dishes I start a quick cheese omlet for the boys and get Caden another bottle an hope he will lay down this time. I get the boys dished up and while I'm at it why not start a loaf of bread in the breadmaker. I found the best bread recipe Sweet White Bread that is so yummy it's not to sweet just a little to give a little extra. So yummy for the PB&J sandwiches Cole has been eating for lunches. I was thinking it would be very yummy for french toast I make every Sunday, but now then I started to think of the banana's I have that needed to be used. Guess I'll be Betty Crocker (Breadmaker version) and do another loaf. This one is a yummy Banana Chocolate Chip Bread that I used this morning for the french toast, super good! I got a good shot of the Sweet White Bread that I thought I'd send into the recipe website.

After breakfast and bread making and oh yeah more dishes I head to laundry duty. I strip beds and get some help from Cole which is awesome. Then I head to my room where grumpy sick boy is bed and oh so not happy. He finally gets up and goes to work and I start folding and put another load in the dryer and another one in the washer. I think I have done no less then 2 loads per day for the last week and half. Every day I've had to do Caden's sheet do to puke or diaherra (Note to self it might be a good idea to get a second crip sheet, cut down on the turn around need for the sheet ... just a thought). I finally get Caden settled down and asleep on the couch start watching a program and my mother law calls to see how I'm doing. I must say I have amazing friends and family they are have been calling and checking on me and it means so much to me. It's sad that we really only talk to a lot of people of sick or something has happened, I don't usually have time to sit and talk on the phone. When I'm about to hang up a light bulb goes off in my head to remind me that the baby shower (you know the one I made the diaper cake Friday night) started an hour ago. Double crap, ok monsters everyone get dressed we're heading out. I guess a shower probably would be a good thing to, only my family can stand me smelling like puke.

We arrive about an hour and half late, not to bad for 3 sick people and 1 not to happy to be taken out of his room in tow. We last maybe 40 minutes before Cole was running amuke and Caden was fed up. Enough time to have Cole say a bad word a little girl announce it and then let me know that I need to keep him away from her. I look at this 8 year old and then at the mom who is oblivious, so want to say hello he's 4 he's been talked to just go play. She then proceeds to tell the PG mommy-to-be that her 2 year old hit her with her princess wand. Not one word from the mom, nope she was too envolved to look around and say just go outside. Oh yeah it was so time for us to leave when an 8 year old has my blood pressure going thru the ceiling and at this point Cole is having a melt down. Oh joy please let me go back home and lock me up with 3 very cranky kids!

That was my wonderful day in a nutshell, I did work the night shift got a lady who I couldn't get off the phone and then was told to log off 15 minutes early. Really can I cry UNCLE again? Today I know is going to be oh so much better since I've started my 24 hour urine sample. Something is just not right with having to collect this and then keep it in your refridgerator. Ugh ... so doing a deep clean tomorrow on that!

Picture of the Sweet White Bread
Sorry no picture of the Banana it went to fast this morning.

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