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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Key to my sanity ... Leave the house for the day ...

I've found the key to my sanity, leave the house for the day. Now this may make certain company cranky and unhappy, but it helps keep the yelling and screaming down. NO clue why leaving the house, having lunch paid for at a really cool place and going to hang out with kids is such a bad thing but hey I may never know.

Mom making up for not having thanksgiving with us took us to Jimmy Macs Roadhouse which was pretty cool you got to eat peanuts and throw them on the ground. The meal was ok, should have gotten the sausage like Mom and Dad. My halibut was not so yummy, but hey the kids had fun ... well most of them did one you couldn't get to crack a smile the whole time. We were so full but Roy was able to get in a dessert the rest of us passed, Cole did steal his cherry of the sundae. Over all a fun time, since we were having so much fun I decided to extend the day. We hit Ross after leaving the restaurant. I needed to pick up two gifts for the birthday party next weekend. I love Ross you can find the best items at a GREAT price. I found a pair of Jones of New York slacks retail for $70 for $16.99, ok I also picked up a few items for myself. Hey I did pretty good 2 birthday items (1 princess and 1 transformer), 2 pairs of slacks and a dress shirt for $40 now that's what I say was a good day shopping!

Since everyone was being so nice in the car and I didn't hear anymore about the silly DS game, which was all I heard this morning I thought lets NOT go home. I called Amy and she was so gracious to let us come to her house. She has the most amazing backyard, I swear it is the size of my whole lot! Plus she has LOTS of toys and to make it even better she was baking fresh (yup from scratch) choc chip cookies. Oh yeah Amy Rocks! Not only is she a SAHM of 2 very active girls but she is a total clean freak and cooks amazing all the time. Yup I so envy her, I wish I could do it but hey she also has the most amazing cocktails for you when you stop by too! Yup if I was a SAHM I think I would own stock in the liquor store, just playing .... well let's not test that theory.

So today was my favorite Sunday of all, not much screaming except for now over that silly DS game. Do you think it would be bad to give Cole his Christmas present now just so the screaming and fighting will stop? Ugh ... ok 25 days and counting, I can do this! I'm so needing a hair transplant by the end of the year!

Yummy Choc Chip Sundae!
Cole stole the cherry.
Yup no smile, sorry Dad.
This made moms day, he actually smiled (ok a little one)
Ok I'll take a quick walk but no more then 10 feet away from mom.
What I'm always a prince?
Cole doing his best to make a mess (thanks for the idea DAD)
Peanuts on floor = stomping right?
Mom trying to make him smile.
Check out all the peanuts on the floor!
Family pic minus dad the picture taker.
Ugh what happened to my hair?
Guess we got half a smile in this one.

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