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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yet another dull day ...

Yesterday started at 5am thankfully the calls were on the light side since my side kick IM'd me to say she would be out sick today. The kids started waking up around 9am which usually is ok. Today is another story, Rick didn't get home until 6:30 am from the rave he work and since I was by lonesome answering calls I didn't finish up until after 9:30. Yup just a lovely morning then add in VERY rude people who mind you called into a radio program and I'm just calling back to update their info and offer an appointment. Most times their are a little gruff since they are from East Coast I totally get it my Aunt lives in New Jersey, she is totally the same way so I get that but these people were just plain rude. I even had one lady hang up on me after yelling at me that he husband would never call. She did call back later and scheduled a point and apologized profusely to the gal (that being me) that called, so hey that's something. Plus a VERY sweet older lady who invited me for tea, I told her I would love to if I lived closer like even the same state ;). The nice ones are hard to come by so I hang onto those. So in a nutshell welcome to my morning.

This afternoon I was laid back just catching up trying to clear up my busting at the seams DVR. My relaxing day was oh so relaxing minus my newly teenager, oh wait I don't have a teenager but I do have a 10 year old who believes he's a teenager. Let's start with the newest gift pack that showed up that included a mp3 player hey it did include ear phones but you know using those would hurt the quality of the music. So let's plug it into our laptop and blast the music where you can hear it over a the TV that is turned up. Then add in the drums, by this time my head is about to explode so hey let's go to the Library and Wal-Mart (we even dressed up). Oh the joys of headphones with the mp3 player, because we're cool like that and have to walk around with them on and oh yeah have them playing while we're in the car! You so want my life don't you, want to trade? I'll give it to you cheap ... LOL just playing. Since I was so not in the mood so walking around Wal-Mart was a great way to spend the day I know every kids dream! We did buy Journey to the Center of the Earth with the 3D glasses so I'm totally stoked to watch it. My plan was to eat dinner yummy tatter tot casserole and then watch it as a family. Poor Rick was so tired he went to bed with out dinner and didn't wake up until this morning. Which made a certain 10 year old not so happy since 1 he wanted to watch the move and 2 he wanted to watch it only with Rick. Yup me being the mom who does everything doesn't count for much but my dear hubby who works two jobs and is barely here yup he's the one that is beloved! Got to love that thinking! Oh well as long as my boys know who really runs this place it's all good. I'm sorry not a lot of humor today, just a pretty boring day! Maybe today will bring better stories, for some reason I doubt it :).

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