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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Waiting game ...

Well yesterdays test was oh so much fun ... NOT! I decided to got the office that is close to work since hey it's all the same right. Yeah right I get there 15 minutes early, according to my clock, theirs is 5 minutes fast and I'm sticking to that! Filled out the same paperwork that I filled out Saturday, did that much change in 2 days? And took my seat, of course my stomach is making the worst noises. How come when you are not allowed to eat is the time that your body thinks it is starving and let's you know it's not happy?

So I'm sitting there hoping my stomach doesn't sound like anything but rumbling, when Rick shows up. What a guy sometimes he can be a complete pain but when it really matters he's there. While I'm waiting I get the urge that I have to go potty, so I go ask since every time I've had to drink liquids before is while I was PG and your not allowed to. The cute receptionist thinks this is the cutest thing she's ever heard and dies laugh. Can I go or not? Ok course she snorts, whatever! I return to the waiting room and wait until 10 minutes after my appointment (according to my clock) and then I get called back. I get to change my clothes into a lovely gown, I at least got to keep my socks and undies on that place was freezing. I get to sit in yet another chair and wait and oh yeah drink yet another cup of white stuff this time (sorry no camera available). It tasted like coconut which wouldn't be bad except it was greasy so it reminded me of sun tanning oil and oh yeah that made it fun gulping down. Then I get to wait some more, and oh yeah now my bladder decides to be over active. Thankfully there is a bathroom there so I didn't have to cross in front with my rear hang out of those lovely gowns. Another question, why do they make hospital gowns like that? I know for the hospital but for this your just lying on a table could you get me a nice robe or something? You don't need to take it off me or anything. So another trip to the bathroom and yet again return to my seat to wait. Finally the room is ready and a get different tech for this phase. I think she drank a gallon of prune juice since she had a wonderful attitude. I do one set of the scan with out the IV or dye, yeah I'm done. Yup not so fast, the radiologist wants to look at it with the dye. She my favorite lady comes back to put the IV/Dye in, this time wearing a mask. She oh so nicely tells me I'm wearing a mask since your coughing and I'm not sure if you have a bug or WHAT (yup just like I had TB or something). I said no problem, she didn't hear me so she whipped around and said "WHAT" I said no problem!

IV time do you have a preference of arms, yes could you go for my right one since the left has been pocked too much? Oh but I like the Left arm it has a better vein, yeah well it's already been pocked 3 times. Can we leave that one alone please? Oh no it won't hurt. Yeah because 4 times in one spot is perfect! She stabs me and I cringe and want to curl in a ball. When she looks over does that hurt? Yes (in my most feeble voice). Well it's in right and it looks good. Really does that make it hurt less? She walked away, which is probably good I may have sat up (if I could pick myself off that table) and hit her! Yet another set of scan, and oh wait we'll do another set in 20 minutes! My bladder hears this and decides it's time to go again, I ask so nicely only because I have no strength left. She looks at me and says can't you hold it? By this time I've lost it, no I can't I've had 2 children and I know when it's time to go to the bathroom. Fine you can go, really you thought there was a question to this? So she lowers the table and tells me to go, hello can you help me up? Nope be asking to much, she may have to touch me and need gloves.

Make my quick bathroom break to come back lay down and wait (oh the theme of the day). 20 minutes felt like 30 which may really have been the case. Another scan and I'm done, ok you can go change your clothes. Then she starts to walk away and I yell when will the results be in. Oh a few days! Really when I went to TG on Saturday they had them in that day, well it will be a few days for here and she turns and walks away! If I had the strength I may have grabbed a bed pan and threw it at her!

Rick was sweet and picked Cole up while I picked up the other two (all at Grandma's since no school for Roy this week). Grandma said Roy was complaining all day about being bored, oh geez this is going to be a long week! I get home and Rick informs me that there are chip bags in Roy's room. Ok I'm about to loose it, 1st off I've told him multiple times NO EATING in your room, 2nd off those are hidden in the closet since they are for Rick and Cole's lunches (Roy gets lunch at school). I'm fuming and leave Roy with Rick to have a talk while I run to the grocery store and the library to return books before I pay yet another fine. The last one about killed me!

When I return I found Rick at the kitchen table not looking happy. Ugh, what happened? Well I went into his room to talk to him and asked him what was this in his garbage. He said I don't know? What are they doing in here? I don't know? (When did a teenager move into my house?) We've talked to you several times about eating in your room. Were you hungry? No. He then told Rick he was sick and had to lay down. So Rick left him alone. He then came out sat on the couch and told Rick to make him dinner he was hungry. Rick told him that I would be home soon and that he was not happy with him and they needed to talk. Roy then got up and headed to his room. Rick told him to stop and he continued to his room and shut the door. Now if this would have been me that would have been my breaking point, the door GONE. So when I unloaded I went into his room and he was sleeping and not feeling well. I told him that when he felt better we were going to have a serious talk about this eating in the room and eating things that aren't his.

So that was total stress-free night! Now I'm waiting on a stupid test! Joy to the world, I think I'm over the 3 bad thing limit! Ok I'm must go now. Oh yeah now I have 3 more bruises to my left arm! Yup I look wonderful like I've been beat up!

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