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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Adventures in Doctors Offices

Unlike Adventures in Babysitting this was us locked in one very tiny room for an hour and no Thor and no running down buildings and back just in the nick of time before mom and dad get home. Ooops sorry just slipped into movie mode, so back on the subject doctor's exam room as so NOT fun and either are mom's when you stick her in these same room with 2 kids that are not doing well with sit down and be quite rule.

I guess I better back up and tell you how this adventure started. Thanks to outlook at 2pm I get a reminder that it is time to leave to pick the boys up for their 3pm apt that I scheduled with the new doctor, which mind you I had to wait 6 weeks for. Rescheduling was so not in the cards! So of course I was in the middle of a HUGE copy job, but the copier kept jamming and the tech finally showed up since you know I called him YESTERDAY!! So I start on fire #2 the bills, finally at 2:35pm I better leave now! I hope in the car and pick Cole up who is just waking up from nap time, perfect timing! Call Grandma Pat to have Caden ready, then call the doctors off to say I'm running 5 minutes late (ok at least I told them I was running late 5 minutes was stretching the truth). Ran into Grandma Pat grabbed Caden and told Khari I would be back for her shortly. Hit every red light from grandma's to the office, screch into the parking lot around 15 minutes late closer to 20 according to their clock. Thank the doc is running behind also, we get called back right away just to be put into a exam room minus the toys. Maybe taking the boys to my doc who I love who is a family doc wasn't my brightest idea! 1 hour later the doc makes it to our room, by this time the paper on the chair is in a huge ball, every drawer and door has been opened at least 20 times and we're crying.

Exam of course takes about 10 minutes for both boys, which always kills me if they are only with me 10 and I have 2, what takes them so long when there is only 3 rooms?? 10 minutes per room would be 30 minutes, riddle me this riddler! I've noticed doctors don't like being the bad person and step out when it's shot time. Oh geez by the time were done we're all in tears! Cole was first with 5 (that right count them 5) shots, poor little guy was in so much pain and huge alligator tears streaming down his face. Plus the last shot really stung, the nurse told us that after he was screaming (thanks). Caden only had 4 shots lucky guy, NOT he tensed up his legs and made them bleed. I was a nervous wreck by this time, now I remember why I always bring my dad with me or Rick.

We make it to the car and run to work were everyone is just leaving, thank you lord since my two little ones are cranky and not in the mood to sit down and just hang out! Guess what happens the copier jams, after the 5 time I shut it down with some choice words and head to the fax machine that doubles as a copier. The thing about that is it only does like 25 sheets at a time which is great except when you have a 300 page document that you need 5 (must be the number of the day) copies of! After about 45 minutes I think we wore out our welcome, I was getting the stink eye and it was almost time to pick up Roy before I went over there time frame. I swing by pick up Khari and then grab Roy. When I walk in to pick him up the gals told me that he had been asking non-stop where I was, oh geez dude I was like 15 minutes later then my usual time! Ugh ... so not my day! Ok I think I need to go spike my coffee and watch a little TV. Since I'm one of those crazy people that always carry a camera, thought I'd share our trip to the doctors office.

Caden checking out the cupboards for the upteenth time.
You never know something new might have appeared since the last 5 minutes (told you the number of the day).
What you mean this computer is not for me?
What I wasn't touch the BP machine?
Fine I'll just hang out here on the floor, it's clean right?
What I've been a prince the whole time?
Look check out my new teeth coming in.

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