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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I want to see the rule book!

Does it really always have to rain when you move? So sorry it's taken me so long to blog but I'm finally getting a moment to sit down and take a breath. Here's a brief list of the past few days(well as brief as I can be, wordy woman here).

Thursday was the real first move day for me, since Wednesday I was working to get that proposal out by the end of day. Thanks to Kari my whole office was almost completely packed, I can't not say thank you enough. She's a world class packer she reminded me of Amy when we moved to this house. Don't step in that women's way because you will end up in a box wrapped in paper. So we loaded the trucks and off my office went, it was a little sad but always pretty cool all wrapped up. My boxes ended up in the black hole (I still haven't figured out where that is) so I helped here and there. By the end of Wednesday my boxes showed up and so did my computer minus the mouse, that thankfully showed up late Friday. I ended up do 2 pizza runs and driving back and forth since no one could make up their mind what office they were going to be out. I was rather comical chasing my tail, I really could have fit into a 3 stooges film. By the time I picked the boys up I was exhausted and just wanted to hit the sack. You know after I fixed dinner, gave the boys bath, did yet another load of laundry, read the night time story, came back to the kitchen did the dishes and said screw it to making Cole's lunch. Oh how sweet it was to fall into bed, into my well worn divot in the mattress that I call home!

Friday started with a little extra sleep, a 1/2 hour which was so nice! I dropped Caden and Roy off at their stops and head to Cole's school for his teacher conference. As some of you know Cole started a preK program in September, so we're 3 months in and loving it. He's been going to a home daycare since birth, which is a very loving grandma but had no structure or class time. So the conference went over a test that he took back in October (1 month of school under his belt). Cole did well but test low in some area's that if I had brought him to a school/daycare before now he would be ahead of the curve. Now mind you he is a head of the kids that go from nothing to Kindergarten, but still not were some of the other kids are that have been going to this school/daycare for a year or so now. Yup if I didn't feel like a bad mom before this I did now, so more homework and things for us to work on. Geez do you think I can get the government to add 5 hours to each day? That way I can still work, clean, and take care of everyone and hey add on school teacher at the same time. I know I could have been one of those moms that had learning stuff up around the house, but darn it I never thought about that. My main concern has always been on his well being, so now I kick myself and hope that with some help, Cole can excel over average in those areas to match the other areas that he scored 2 years over (hey I must have done something right with score like that).

After being a little bummed over my report card as mom I went back to fun of packing. So since yesterday rained I decided today no wet feet. I put on my SUPER cute black with white whale boots and made a very cute outfit with black cords and a pink S&H (our logo) Sweatshirt. Ok maybe not a fashion plate but I loved it. Yeah well that was until I was razed by all the guys, you would think none of them have seen rain boots before. I know they use to be for kids only but now a days they are in for adults too! After hiding out for a while I ventured with the girls to pick lunch up. We picked up sandwiches at the Poppy Seed Cafe, yummy stuff but OMG $11 for lunch is a little to much for this take out girl! Plus again my fashion was not meshing well with the uppity clients that were dinning in! Yup check out my boots you know you want a pair! Ok back to packing, I floated around to were I was needed and even got my office unpacked. I even threw out almost a whole garbage bag of crap, how did I accumulate some much crap in 3 years?
On to today which started at 5am and calls to make, today wasn't too bad only got one guy that really was a PAIN to say the least. Since I'm trying to keep this blog PG I won't go about what was running threw my mind talking to him. Of course the boys all woke up at 7am, you know 2 hours before my shift ends. Rick sets them up with trains in the front room! Really because I'm not working here in the kitchen. Well guess since most have trouble hearing, my kids running around whining about food wasn't something they would hear! I finish up and Rick goes back down for a nap! Wouldn't that be nice? I end up making breakfast, do a load of laundry, clean up the dishes and deal with not 1 but 2 explosive diapers. Oh joy don't you love my world?

To Rick's defense he does get up shortly (we won't go there) after that and gets cleaning the house. He even does 2 loads of laundry, vacuums, bleaches the countertops and fixes my garbage disposal. I even got to run out for an 1 hour and go to Fashion Bug to pick up some new sweaters for my new look. I finally got to use my check from my 2nd job for something for me, mind you it is something I wouldn't have boughten if I didn't have a new dress code, but hey I at least got to spend it on myself. It felt kind of nice to spend it on myself! I got home and got everyone ready to go to dinner with my parents. Rick actually even got Caden dressed for me, I think he felt guilty for his nap. We went up to my parents house since I'm a dork and thought the place was in Auburn, come to find out it was in Tacoma. Oh well mom was super nice and bought the boys new outfits, she even got Roy a new shirt and tie. She tried to style their hair and spike it which Roy was not having and even told my mom he didn't like it. I felt bad for her I think he hurt her feelings, since she went out of her way to make sure he was part of the family. Oh well he was in a foul mood all day, unhappy when were home and unhappy when we go somewhere he doesn't think will be fun. Oh yeah can anyone say moody teen in a preteen body?

The dinner was at the Elk's Club, now if your over 65 this is the place to be. Being that we're not and it was a buffet, which totally creeps me out all I can see is people touching food and not taking it and then I grab it ... YUCK! To make it worse it was $21.95 per person!!! My parents were super nice and bought mine and Roy's. Which of course I never get money worth either at buffets, I had less then 1/2 of a plate and couldn't eat anymore. Not that I wasn't hungry but corn that is waxy and undercooked potatoes are so not my thing! Looks like it will be a bowl of cereal tonight for this gal. Over all it was a nice night, minus Caden crying and Cole not listening and oh yeah Roy clutching on to my cousin who kept looking at me like HELLO (yes he was male, see a pattern here?). The celebration was for my Great Grandmothers 100th birthday, she passed away a few months ago but darn it she almost made it! She lived by herself in her own house up until about 98, talk about a full life! So here to you Grammie, Happy 100 we miss you!

So there it is in the shortest version I could do, and that is saying a lot for me. I leave you with some pictures to make you smile.

Ok I'm done, Ready to move!
Wow look at how clean!

My new office! Isn't it look so clean?
Yup Let's hope it can stay like that for a little while.
Happy 100th Birthday Grammie
Thanks Mom for being Vanna
What I'm not playing with these straws that you've said not to play with!
What I've been an Angel!
Ahh ... How Sweet!
Cole & Roy dressed up

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