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Friday, November 7, 2008

Early Morning ER Visit

This time it was me and not the boys who needed to rushed to see a doctor. Oh please let this be the 3rd and finally in the it always happens in 3's. (Car, Boys shots/sick, Me chest pain). So this morning I work about around 1:30am feel really puny, so I got up and had a banana thinking something in my stomach would be helpful. Wrong move a 1/2 hour later I was having sever chest pains, thinking I'm too young for a heart attack but man it was getting worse by 2am I'm in tears thinking I'm dying and needing some pepto. Wake Rick up who mind you thinks I'm just being whinnie grumbles and gets up to run to the store 1/2 hour that felt like an hour he returns to find me in a ball. I take 2 huge gulps of pepto and within 10 minutes it's coming up with anything that may have been left in my system. By this time I think I'm in some serious trouble, now Rick knows I'm not being whinny and you can tell he's getting a little freaked. He calls my dad who thankfully has the day off to see if he can come here and watch the boys. We get in the car with my blankie and take the ride to Good Sam. My mom meets us there and we go thru the check in process reasonably quickly and get right into a room, oh geez I was so dreading a hospital waiting room. The nurse comes in hooks me up to a EKG machine and tech comes in to runs some test. I get taken back for X-Rays and come back for a blood draw. Of course I'm dehydrated and he can't find a veil. He tries my upper arm for no luck then tries my wrest. After fishing around for some time and a nasty bruise forming my goes back to my arm. A yummy cocktail with lidocaine and I'm feeling like the elephant that was on my chest has moved to a large cat. After being checked out it turns out to be acid reflex, dehydration and a nasty cold.

My parents once at my house were getting everyone ready for school and daycare. Rick took the boys and my parents got working on cleaning my house. God love them but my house will never be up to clean standards. Once I get relaxed the pain in my chest comes back fast and furious. I think I'm dying mom calls the nurse the whole time telling me just hang on, one of those moments you just want to smack someone. The nurse says let the medicine take effect it should be a few more minutes, 30 minutes later I'm feeling half way decent. I take a snooze on the couch while my parents vacuum and rearrange my house, one way to get the house cleaned but next time I rather not have the pain. It was a great day I just got to sleep on the couch in peace.

All was great until I get a call from my doctors office saying they got a call from Good Sam Hospital. The chest X-Ray's that the tech said was clear turns out the radiologist took a look and found a spot. Asking questions to the doctors office who hadn't seen the X-Ray was like talking to a wall, I found out nothing except the spot is an inch in size and she wants me to have CT scan right away. Better safe than sorry, what comforting words. I try to ask what it could be and she is very vag and says it could be a number of things, like an inflamed lymph node. So now I'm freaked out and have a CT scan scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I'm just hoping it's nothing or if it is something that God was looking down on me and had me have these chest pains so we could find something right away.
I'll keep you posted, please keep me in your prayers. Sorry this time girls it's a serious post, I'm trying to find humor but for now it has escaped me.


  1. Hi Lex ...

    You are in our prayers!

    :) Dana

  2. Oh my gosh Honey!! Lex, why do I have tears welled while reading know you are in my prayers and whatever it is it will be something you can handle, Stay strong and take comfort in your kids smiles and knowing how much your loved and what fantastic family you have. Please..Please keep me posted and I would like to come see you on Sunday if your up to it. Hugs and Kisses! Love Casey

  3. Thank you all of you your comments are prayers are a great comfort and blessing to have such wonderful people in my life. Bless you all! Alexis

  4. So glad you are ok. Brian called the office on Thursday and heard you were in the hospital - we were both very worried. Keep us posted so we know you are still ok.

  5. Thanks Rachael I'll keep you posted. I'll get the results on Monday, fingers crossed.


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