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Saturday, November 15, 2008

House of Cards ... Falling Down ... Falling Down

Gee now I have stupid London Bridges stuck in my head. Better then Mr. Ed that I had stuck in my head earlier when I told a co-worker I would call a Ed and my warped mind skipped to the Mr. Ed song. Oh boy where was I going with all of this? Not sure I guess I better start back at the start.

Let me back up to yesterday where the house of cards to yet another hit. Well no I take that back I had this wonderful house of cards called my life, you know a delicate balancing act. A while back I added a wing on to that house of cards when we took on an exchange student (or I should I say I took on the responsibility?). So for months my mansion of a house of cards has been standing it swayed here and there but it stood up pretty darn good. Then we started having problems with the exchange student so a little part of the house fell. Then as more time and problems have arisen more of the house has fallen. My beautiful mansion is now a single wide mobile hanging onto it's wheels since it may be the only thing standing here in a few weeks :). Oh yeah going back to the white trash roots, maybe getting my roots touched up next week will be a bad idea I'm not going to fit in ... LOL. Just playing nothing wrong with mobile homes just been one of those weeks and need a laugh and all I could see is a certain relative that has huge roots and wears way too tight clothing. Not going there!

Back to the point yesterday was so slow until about 1:30 when I was handed a project that needed some serious help. Around 3pm I was suppose to leave for the airport to drop off one of our employees. Well a bit after 3pm we're running to the car to make it to the airport. Traffic was looking oh so pretty and I'm was feeling oh so great that a long drive in traffic was exactly what I was hoping for. Turns out traffic was the least of my problems, since at that point I get a call from Rick that Cole is throwing up at school and needs to be picked up, crap! Can you pick him up, of course not he's on his way to Electronic Fry's for work. So this is when the phone tree starts. I call Mom who's car broke down today, but Dad was dropping her off so he could head up to the school. Then I call the school to let them know Dad is on his way for Cole. Then call back to Dad to give him the number of the school so he can put it into his GPS thing. Then call Rick to let him know Dad will pick up Cole. Then I call the person that took Roy for the day to let her know I wouldn't be home since now I need to pick Cole up at my parents house. Is your head spinning yet, because mine sure was and I so wanted to throw the cell out the window before it over heated.

Well going to the airport was smooth getting back was something totally different thankfully this time it wasn't raining. Just when I think everything is smooth the phone rings again, crap it's Cole School again. Cole puked again (#5) and where is Bapa. Call Bapa he's .2 miles away according to his GPS (what did we do before those, oh I know get lost!). Call back the school and let her know. For good measures try Roy's person again since I left a message the last time, guess what her phone's not excepting calls at this time. Call Rick he hasn't heard from the gal. Then my phone rings again this time Tarra, I totally forgot I was picking Khari up too today. Make plans to meet her to give her Khari. Really can I throw the phone out the window? Grab the kids at Grandma's House, 2 more calls from Tarra. One if she can go in the house (crazy girl go inside) and two are we meeting at your house (nice way to ask where the heck are you girl). Finally get there run into the house to grab the stuff for the diaper cake I need to make and then back out to the car. Crap I need to call the cleaning gal to tell her not to come but I don't have her number. Yup you guessed she calls next from my driveway (ugh), I save the number and apologize for being a lousy boss.

Well one good thing about running around I miss the traffic heading up to Bonney Lake. I get there with enough time to throw together a diaper cake, while holding Caden all at the same time. Sorry no picture of the cake I couldn't even think straight by the time I got home. Barely got Caden in his bed and let Cole run around like crazy with Rick and his friend. Off to bed I went I had to work at 5am this morning. Now there is another story for you, I think I'm going to rest before I write that story. I don't want to make you too envious of my life all in one shot.

I'm taking my single wide and rolling away (see having wheels is a good thing).

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