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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Going back to my roots ...

Well close enough to the true color! Yup I'm talking about my hair not my heritage. What fun would family history be compared to my new hair color? Stop rolling @@ your eyes at me, really because it's not doing anything since I can't see you! So back to me (ha-ha) I went and had my 1.5 hours of mom time yesterday, oh how I love that little slice of heaven every two months. It's worth every penny to sit and read my book, which a cry, a scream or something being spilt. Well that is if I don't spill anything there, which this time my coffee safely stayed in it's cup this time (no I will not talk about my klutz ways). I'm now back to blonde a little bit more blonde then I usually do in the winter, but the cut and color look cute! Shhh ... I know I plan to go renew my license this Saturday. Do you think I can shed 30lbs by then? Maybe if I suck in my cheeks and hold them in with my teeth and do a shy smile it will do wonders on the new license. Darn new WA license that last 8 years!

Hope in the car and headed to pick up the boys, I'm very proud to say that I screeched into Roy's school parking lot right at 6pm. Phew no over charge for this woman! We got home around 6:30pm and thanks to my smart thinking the night before the hamburger was already browned. Now to throw it in a casserole dish with corn, green beans, cream of mushroom, tatter-tots and what is the other item? Ahh right shredded cheese. Well that would be helpful if we had cheese, string cheese should work right? LOL ... Let's just say string cheese doesn't melt just like regular cheese. Rick came in took one look and literally backed up from the casserole asking what are those weird long things that are white and yellow. Oh yeah forgot to mention I only had the swirled kind not even the regular white kind! Well if Roy only takes one habit back home from me it will be Ketchup on everything! Oh yeah what a great thing to take back, so American! At least it's the red kind and not that crazy purple or green kind!

Rick had to run back to work last night, so I got everyone bathed and in bed by 8:30 which in my world is a GREAT night! And we have a new movie that we're going to wear out. When Cole was young Nemo was on every night up until age 2 1/2, now Kung Fu Panda is our new movie of choice. We have watched it every night (and a few times this weekend) since last Tuesday. Rick picked up Wall-E, wonder how that one will go over. When it was finally quiet I sat down to watch a little TV. Roy came out to use the Internet, walked right in front of me, did his thing on the computer and walked right back in front of me and went to bed. Guess I'm not good enough to say good-night too. Now if Rick would have been there totally different story, he would have even sat down to see what is on TV. Next time, IF there is a NEXT time I'm so asking for a girl!

Fast forward to this morning since I love to see how much I can pack into one morning. I get up go start throwing together pork chops into the crock pot, you know to make a certain 10 yr old happy that dinner will be in what he considers a timely matter! I then make Cole's sandwich since last night sleep called to more then PB&J did. So I packed his lunch, got Roy's breakfast on the table. Along with juice, a napkin and the light turned on (just once someone will not expect to be waited on). Then I head to do my make-up and hair since if I don't get in the bathroom now I never get in. What does a 10 yr old boy do for 20 minutes in the bathroom, maybe I don't want to know. All I know is every morning there is a pool of water everywhere. You'll be proud of me, instead of mumbling under my breath and cleaning it up I call him in every time to come clean it up.

I went it the boys room to blown over by the over whelming smell of poop. Look in the crib to see a smiling Caden and soiled sheets. Yup at least he's happy even sitting in an explosion and when I say explosion I mean it. I get him up carefully caring him at arms length away from my outfit not to have to change myself at the same time. I get him undressed and try to carry him to the bath to rinse him off when I see a blur run by my bedroom door. And before I can release what happened the bathroom door closes. Darn!!! Guess it's a babywipe bath for you little man. Get him cleaned up and dressed and then try to wake the monster named Cole. Who mind you is not in a good mood even for his regular grouchy morning mood. I get him dressed and of course the Scooby Doo Go-gurt as the bribe! Hope in the car and start the 3 drop offs before I can even start my work day! Minus the grouch Roy who informed me doesn't like Chapel, Hello your here on a Christian Scholarship!

Our office is in full moving mode, I can't wait to see my office desk (it's been a while).
So here are some fun pictures.

Here's my new do and hair color! Sassy huh?

Ok here's me with glasses

I don't wear contacts that often anymore.

Before of my office

And after a lovely Kari helped pack my office

Almost there! Hey stop it, it looks better!


  1. Love the hair! Where do you go? I need to do something with mine and I have a hard time finding anyone decent.
    Glad you are making Roy clean up his own mess - wish I knew what was causing it...Maybe Rick can get the info out of him?
    Hope Caden is feeling better soon cuz I don't envy your laundry loads right now.
    I can't wait to come and see the new office too.
    OH that reminds me...what is this new dress code thing? Please let me know so Brian and I can go shopping and get the 'right' stuff. (Wow, New Kids On The Block flashback).

  2. I almost pee'd my pants when I read the KNOTB comment. It's so funny you mention them Rick is working that concert on Saturday.

    I love my gal and she's so cheap $60 for cut and foil of 2 colors! She does a wonderful job, I've been going to her for 8 years. Her name is Robin she owns Loving Touch in Sumner.

    I know I'm going crazy with all this laundry, I can't seem to keep on out of the dryer in time for the next one to go in! Ugh ...

    I know I'm starting my no nonsense faze, I've been nice and that didn't work so you get what you deserve! He at first listen to Rick now he just ignores him too. Pretty much we are here only to accomidate his comfort levels.

    The new office is SOOO pretty! The dress code is Professional Casual. They sent us to a website and type that in it gives you the dos and don'ts. Pretty much docker type pants, dress shirts (no tie) and dress shoes. Only Fridays are Jean days!

    Phew ... that was a long one! Hugs to you guys talk to you soon!

  3. They still tour?!? are you effing kidding me? They have to be so flipping old now (shit we are). And they are gonna be in town? If I was still in 6th grade I'd be flipping out for a different reason.

    Ok $60 is cheap? Maybe my problem is that I have been going to Super Cuts and places like that for $15 bucks. I am so not a girly girl and kinda choked when you said $60 for a hair cut...but if that includes the color then I guess it's really not that much when I think about it.

    I think Brian can handle that dress code. He's not going to be happy about giving up his Doc Martin's but he'll live. Thanks for the info on this. We'll go shopping this weekend.

  4. They just "re-united" and have a new album, oh yeah I so remember my Jr. High Day loving them. I even slept overnight outside the ticket master at the Puyallup Fair grounds. Oh the days, but then again that was 15+ years ago!

    Hair can be so expensive, it's the color that gets you everytime. I use to pay $120 - $160 for cut and color so when I found a gal for $60 I almost died! You crack me up girl, the sad thing is I use to be worse this really is the tame version ... LOL.

    It's so funny you mention the doc's that is one of the first things I thought about when they said dress-code. It's thankfully not too bad, it could be suits and then I would be outie! I'm going to your blog now to check out the new pics! =D


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