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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Filling in the time until tomorrow ...

Today I had this wonderful plan to sleep in and just relax. Caden on the other hand had it in his mind that 7:30am was sleeping in and it was time for him to be awake which means mom better get her butt in here soon or I will scream until everyone else gets up. Thankfully Caden is rather low-key, so hanging on the couch trying to keep my mind on the TV and not on other things wasn't too hard. Cole must have gotten the same memo as Caden as decided to get up a 1/2 hour later. Well it was nice and quite while it lasted. Thankfully Roy slept until 9:30 so I didn't have to hear he pushed me or he hit me banter that fills my house most weekends.

Now the plan was to meet Anng and Kailey at 3pm to go to the Children's Museum, that's perfect enough time to lounge around the house. Minus you know making french toast for breakfast (with that really awesome egg bread I made yesterday) and then oh yeah it's lunch time so heat up some left overs for the boys. Only had spilled milk once when Cole touched Roy and Roy then pinched Cole, who then knocked over his milk. After a stern talking to them both about how this ends now, that you're both in the wrong so knock it off before loose it! I hope in the shower thinking that I don't want to be mistaken for a homeless person riding the link. I'm ready to go, I'm dressed have the boys dressed and come out to find Roy talking to his parents, I think he times these things to drive me crazy. So after some nice it's time to go and heading to the door we head to the museum. Not knowing where my head is I take the wrong exit and then try to park in the wrong garage and then go over to the other one drive around aimlessly before I exit and just park at Freight House Square, no clue what is wrong with me today. Ok I do I'm just trying to not think about THAT! Poor Anng sorry I made you wait today I'm really just not myself.

The ride to the Children's Museum was fun with me being late made it perfect time for the Link to show up, hey something going right! The kids had a bunch of fun running around the museum, only a few times I had to talk to Cole to share and be nice. And hey we only had about 2 parents give us the head shake, hairy eyeball and grab their child like we were going to eat there children. Yup got to love the yuppy daddy and yoga mommies, there kids are perfect and are always a joy :). Overall it was a great time, I think we got maybe 10 minutes to talk before we had to follow around our kids. Caden decided that the sun stroller needed to be a batting ram and was pushing it around the museum. Cole was running around like a crazy person, so nothing new there. Thankfully not to many messes were left in our wake and Caden only tried to eat the paint once, hey I'm chalking that up to a good day. Now leaving the museum a little after 5pm and riding the link during winter hours probably NOT my best idea (sorry Anng). We met some very interesting people waiting for it to arrive (thankfully only 10 minutes) and just a few different ones on the ride there. Speaking of interesting people I forgot about the Asian Photo Club on the ride there that were taking pictures of everyone, they got a few pictures of the boys that thinking now I really should have said something (really I'm not there today). Well we made it safely off the link and said our goodbyes.

A quick run to Target where I got the boys very nutritious snacks, you know a hot dog and popcorn. I left Cole and Roy snacking away at a table and ran real quick to get the two items I came for. Some how since the pharmacy closed 10 minutes early which was one of my two items I decided to grab a few things. Car full I head to the front of the check out following the tune of Momma Momma ... I'm coming Cole! Yup sitting still at the table covered in ketcup, well at least he stayed in his sit, staying clean is a totally different story! Really I went in for Kung Fu Panda DVD and a prescription and came out with $50 worth of stuff. Ugh ... shopping therapy so not a good thing when your already low on cash.

Well less then 12 hours until I can start bugging my doctors office to find out what the results of the CT scan are. I think I'll go watch Kung Fu Panda with the boys and try to go to bed to keep my mind from wondering. I'll update you as soon as I find out, thanks again for all the nice comments and prayers. I truly am blessed!

A few fun pictures of the day:

Caden keeping with theme of cleaning!
What I'm just hanging out!

Look we're friends at the moment.

Really they say write on the windows.

Cole, Kailey and Caden (looking like his dad's backside)

Painting time, look at us we're sharing

Darn this pic doesn't show it that well he had blue all over his mouth and hands.

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