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Friday, October 5, 2012

Costume for mom?

So I already picked up the boys costumes a few weeks back.  Cole has decided to be Darth Vader and Caden went with a Clone Trooper (it came with a gun that makes noises go figure).  So now to figure out what will mom be.  I usually don't do costumes ... ok I take it back I have in the past, but at my heaviest I didn't feel like dressing up.  This year being down 50+ lbs I figured it would be fun to dress up.  I'm not at my goal but I'm half way there and figure why not do something fun.  My amazing friend Racheal rocks at tutu's and I saw her make one for her daughter on facebook and thought I so want one!  She was very kind told me to pick up the material and she'll make it and we can have adult time with coffee!

So I searched some tutu adult costumes, wow did that bring up some pictures.  So NOT going for a sexy nurse or something else stupid.  I would like something fun but not short or make me look like inappropriate while walking my kids around.  So thank you Google I found some images.  Here is what I narrowed down to:

Darth Vader ... Cole is doing that so no but still cool
(found HERE)
Star Wars-Darth Vader Tutu Dress Costume

This is what I'm going to do a version of this:
(found HERE)

But a longer skirt and a t-shirt with this for the top:
R2D2 inspired Toddler Tutu Costume 24 months

Next Year I want to do this (when I'm at my goal weight)
Super heroes Adult Tutu. Super Hero Tutu Costume. ADULT Costume. TEEN costume. Blue tutu

Here are a few more I also found that I thought were pretty cool and just had to share!

Cat Costume (found HERE)
Teen Tutu Cat Costume
Queen of Hearts (found HERE)
Queen of Hearts  Adult Boutique Tutu Skirt Costume

This could be a witch (found HERE)
Black adult tutu, long black skirt, sewn tutus, Wide Satin sash, Wedding tutu, Prom dress

Robin Girl (found HERE)
Adult Robin Girl Costume - Robin Tutu

Miss Piggy ... hmmm have to be thin for that one (HERE)
Adult The Muppets Tutu Miss Piggy Costume - Party City

Hmmm a Peacock (found HERE)
Peafection Peacock Adult Elaborate Tutu Costume

Punky Brewster (found HERE)
Custom Adult Rainbow Clown Tutu Halloween Costume

Autumn Fairy (found HERE)
August Sale - Fairy Costume - adult size medium corset top and tutu - Woodland Faerie in red and gold

Sexy Nurse .... so not my style (found HERE)

What do you think?  R2D2 I think would be a great winner to fit with the theme of the boys.  With some tweaks and personal touch I think it will be very cool.  

Do you dress up for Halloween?  If yes what will you be?


  1. They're all very neat, but it's funny that you said "hmmm have to be thin for that one" for the Miss Piggy!! That should be the one that it shouldn't matter the most! LOL!

  2. The costumes are all gorgeous! I think you would look nice in any of them!

  3. Some of those are pretty cool!! I don't think I"ll be dressing up this year. I am struggling just to make the two for the boys!

  4. I think it's cute that you want to dress up to go with the boys! You definitely picked a good one-R2D2 is my favorite :-)

  5. I think it's cool that you're dressing up. I'm totally diggin' the Punky Brewster and Queen of Hearts costumes.

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  7. Hello! i'm wondering if you known of a pattern for the Robin costume? Thanks


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