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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pantry Make-Over!

This weekend I was on a mission to clean up the pantry.  It has been getting worse and worse, and my darn house elf has gone on leave with no return date ... lol just playing.  I also had been given the task of cleaning out my cupboard above my stove, Rick is going to rip it down to open up my kitchen to the dinning room.  So my mission went from cleaning the pantry to clearing out the cupboard at the same time.  I had one big black bag of donating items, and 4 bags of garbage and outdated items!  I also had 2 bags of recycling that cleared up a lot of room!  I must say it is a relief to have the space organized.

Here is my cupboard above the island (please forgive the mess on the island, that is next on my list to clean up).

After a few hours I have the pantry cleaned up.  I took a few Rubbermaid bins to organize my cooking supplies (cake pans etc).  I took 3 Ikea Blue bins to put my craft supplies, cupcake decorating supplies and birthday party supplies.  The rest of my baking items went into (flour, sugar etc) went into Rubbermaid bins.  Thankfully every Black Friday Fred Meyers has them 1/2 off, I'll stock up again this year.  It turned out great, several hours but well worth it!

Yikes I'm almost embarrassed on how that looked ... lol


  1. You did a good job. It looks fantastic!

  2. You did a good job with getting it cleaned up. I sooo need to get around to cleaning and organizing my pantry again soon.

  3. That is as tidy as can be. Excellent job!

  4. cool. i need to organize my basement. need to get rid of some stuff.

  5. Awesome job!! Must feel so good to have it done! :-)

  6. So nice!!! Good job. Now you can come over here. Oh, and my island is a hot mess!!!!!!

  7. I think it looks great -- and frankly, who has time to MAINTAIN a pantry that keeps being inhabited by little trolls with growling tummies? Seriously. :)

  8. Woooo! I love organizing, purging, cleaning up and cleaning out. My biggest concern these days is getting everyone else to follow my system. I started small. I organized (and clean out) the big silverware drawer at Irishman's. That was sort of my test. If they actually put silverware back in the right slots then the rest of my ideas may work. Let me tell you, that drawer was HORRIBLE! There was everything from ever utensil just THROWN in the drawer to Christmas light, batteries, corn cob holders, screw driver and tampons. Yes tampons. There hasn't been a woman living in that house in 4 years. EWWWW! I couldn't handle it. LOL


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