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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Munch Mix & Surprise Mailer

For the holidays I like to send a little surprise in the mail to my bosses and their kids.  I wanted to make something quick and easy to get right out to them.  I found a recipe for Halloween Munch Mix on Mommy's Kitchen that I tweaked and tada we were ready to go.  Every holiday the dollar store has the cutest containers.  I find they are the perfect size for mixes and other fun things!  I picked up some candies and decorated the box all up for it to be shipped out.

Halloween Surprise Mailer!

Halloween Munch Mix

I love something in the mail and I think this is just perfect!  The mix was simple to make and I had enough to make up a few bags for the boys teachers.

The Treat Bags I Made for the teachers
Here' is my version of the mix:

Halloween Munch Mix
1- bag of Orange Candy Melts (I used instead instead of almond bark)

4-5 Cups Popped Popcorn (Make yourself or 2 bags of Microwave)
1 Cup of Candy Corn (I picked up in bulk section)
1 Cup Chocolate Covered Pretzels w/ orange frosting (Bulk Section)
1 Cup Halloween Mix Candy (Bulk Section)
treat bags or clear food service gloves

Plastic Spiders if you want

Pop the popcorn and remove any UN popped kernels (I used the air pop microwave version, see my recipe here). Place pop corn in a large bowl and set aside. Add the chocolate melts to a microwavable bowl and melt in your microwave (remember you CAN burn chocolate I've done it before do in 1 minute intervals).  I used orange melts to be festive but you can always use white melts or just the almond bark.  BUT I say it's best to make it match the holiday!

Using a large spoon mix together coating all of the popcorn. Lay out the popcorn on a piece of waxed paper until pop corn is dry. When dry break into smaller popcorn size pieces and add back to a large bowl.

Mix in the candies of your choice and place popcorn mixture into individual treat bags (You can also add a few plastic spiders to each bag if you want, I have a thing out non editable items in food so I skipped that). You can also add the popcorn to clear food service gloves for a fun Halloween treat.  I did the mini bags and the containers I found at the dollar store.

Making the Mix:
Into Treat Bags:
 Into Mix:

Then I made up a surprise mailer to send off to my bosses.  I added some containers and some loose candy to be a nice surprise the open up.

This is a fun treat to make for friends or teachers!


  1. Ok - that is pretty darn awesome. I wish I had someone to mail little treats like that to me :)

  2. Ok, I want to know where the heck you get the time and energy! You are awesome!
    this is such a great and very sweet idea.
    blessings, Joanne

  3. You have the most awesome ideas. As I have said before, your boys have a very talented mom.

  4. What a super idea. I just love that so much!

  5. It looks so yummy. I didn't make homemade treats this year for my friends children at bowling, I just made bags of candy. Your so sweet :)

  6. What a yummy idea! Love this.

  7. I never thought to use the candy melts to make the popcorn colored! Great idea. I like to make one at Christmas and I will be trying it your way instead! :)

    You are so clever girlfriend!

  8. You always do such a good job with the things you make. You're also great at thinking of others. The mix looks yummy.


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