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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh no I forgot Santa Cookies

So around 9ish last night my oldest son ask me where Santa's cookies are. You would think with all those cookies I've been making I would have a few extras, but no I do not! Since you know I didn't want the chance of eating them myself I gave them all away. So the two of us bundled up the two of us and left the house. You should have seen the look Rick gave us. One because of the time I was venturing out with all the snow and ice on the roads, and two because of the pink of washed lounge pants that I had paired with my light brown want to be UG's and the sweatshirt I topped it of with. Hey at least my hair was brushed and um .... um ... yup I got nothing else here to redeem that.

So we trek out and guess what Safeway is closed, who would have guessed they want to be closed for the holiday? Not me, I figured everyone needs to be open right? Thankfully across the street was Market Place, not one of the cleanest stores but it will do in a pinch. We walk in find the materials for the breakfast casserole, Oh did I forget to mention I forgot to pick those ingredient up too? So we roamed the isles got my stuff and found the cookie mix. I love Betty Crocker and these mixes they make my life so easy, plus they have box tops which Cole's school is collecting. And the class with the most wins a party, nothing like a little competition to make me start collect (oh I know I'm crazy, how many times do I need to admit this?). I've been told Santa loves Peanut Butter Cookies, fine by me if we would have made the sugar cookies I don't think I would have been able to hold back.

We got home I told Cole to get in bed and go to sleep quick or Santa won't come. Wow that worked maybe I should try that every night, darn he would figure it out. So I went off to make the cookies, when I remembered my hand mixer blew up at Thanksgiving. While I was pondering if I should try to hand mix with my wimpy arms or I should I break out the big mixer for one batch, Rick walks into the kitchen with a present. Oh my Christmas Eve gift and guess what it was yup a new mixer! Now when I was younger I would have thought of that as the rudest gift, now I think that is the coolest thing ever that he actually listened to what I needed! Santa cookies made (check), last present wrapped (check) and stocking stuffers (check).

Well today is going to be crazy, I think I will have to finish up this post late tonight. I may just set this for later today just in case I don't get around to it. Today is going to be one non stop kidfest of craziness! Lord be with me :).

My new mixer, looks already been used.

My Sausage Casserole that needs to sit over night.
Look Santa's Been HERE!

Oh Shhs Roy I don't want to you telling the younger ones it was me or Rick!


  1. just getting around to reading the saucy blogs from sits :)

    i hear you on the mixer gift - one of my favorite gifts from daddy was the garbage disposal!!! i love it and i use it every day.

    i love the betty crocker cookie mixes - only thing better than those are the refrigerator cookies, but they are more expensive!

  2. Wow I am surprised anything was open on Christmas eve. So many places closed early. But I am glad you got your cookie mix all right and your ingredients to the breakfast casserole.

    I hope you had a merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks for stopping by to see me. It looks like Santa (or others) enjoyed the effort you made to get cookies in the house!

  4. I would've thought a mixer was a bad gift too when i was younger but this year i asked for practical things (like a vacuum). Everyone actually made fun of me for it though. It's funny how things can change over the years.

  5. I am glad you got a new mixer. A mixer is right up my alley, next to Rock Band. I say I rocked the house. My kids say when it was my turn on bass I looked like I was trying to poop my pants. They are sooooo lame.

  6. At least your mixer LOOKS used....hehe...

    Mine is brand-spanking OLD..never been used.


    Congrats on your sauciness!

    a woman. a wife. a momma. an artist.

  7. Thanks girls, I love the cookies and my new mixer that now will always have a little flour on it. Can't keep it clean ... LOL

  8. I got a toaster and a big stand up mixer (red). I am really happy. I giggled at the hand mixer blowing up at Thanksgiving --- I burned out my mother's mixer about 15 years ago and until the day she died (2 years ago) she talked about the time I broke her mixer making mashed potatoes.

  9. The sausage casserole looks yummified :) What's in it?

    Posted by Anngie Myspace on Dec 29, 2008 8:40AM

  10. Here it is girlie

    Sausage Breakfast Casserole

    •2 lb of Italian pork sausage, (then cooked, drained, crumbled)
    •1 loaf of sourdough bread (cubed)
    •2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
    •12 eggs slightly beaten
    •1 can whole milk (use the can of cream mushroom to measure)
    •1 can of cream of mushroom soup
    •Onion (diced into small pieces)
    •1 tsp dry mustard
    •1 tsp salt
    •1/4 tsp onion powder
    •Fresh ground pepper to taste
    •Paprika (sprinkle on top for color)

    1. Heat a skillet on medium high. Break up the sausage into chunks and cook, working in batches if need be, until browned all around. Make sure the chunks of sausage have some space around them or your meat will steam and not brown. Brown up onions at the same time. Remove the cooked sausage from the pan and let sit on some paper towels on a plate to soak up the excess fat. Crumble into smaller pieces.

    2. Place bread in a well buttered 9x13 inch baking pan. Sprinkle with cheese. Combine the eggs, milk, mushroom soup, dry mustard, onion powder and pepper. Pour evenly over the bread and cheese. Sprinkle sausage.

    3 At this stage you can cover and chill overnight. Let sit for 10 minutes before putting in the oven. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Bake uncovered for about one hour. Tent with foil if top begins to brown too quickly.
    Serves 6-8


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