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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Are you sure it's Sunday? It feels like a work day!

Well today started off on a great note, or should I say last night that ended this morning set the tone for the rest of the day. My 2nd job that is suppose to end at 1:30am ended a little after 2am, thankfully not too many nasty callers but still was asked to work an extra 1/2 hour which usually isn't bad except today is going to be a rough one. Rick got home around 1am and went to bed since he had to be up at 6:30am to work the football tailgate party and the game. So at 2am I'm so tired but I know I need to go to work to get the presentation boards done to get them to Kinko's in the AM if I have any chance of this project being done for Monday. So I set the alarm with a little grunt, I couldn't manage more then that at this time in the morning.

Just as I get to sleep the alarm goes off, really that was 2 hours? Yup it's 4am and I'm off and running, well at least I'm stumbling towards the door. That is until I look down at the fleece pj bottoms I'm wearing. Now I know the chance of me running into a co-worker at 4am is rather slim, but my luck is I'll be like my friend Amy who one day took her boyfriend to the UW and got into an accident. Now on a normal day that would just be a bummer, but when you're not wearing a bra and probably just a skimpy t-shirt and sweats along with no shoes you may look a little weird. The same look of me in PJ bottoms that are mulit colors of red, yellow and a shirt that use to fit pre-babies. So I stumble back to the bedroom, and put on a pair of fuzzy black pants ... yup at 4am that is dressing up! I get to work and look at my notes that made since yesterday morning but not so much today. 2 hours later and I'm getting back in the car to go home, praying everyone will sleep in a few minutes late today.

I get home in time to wake Rick up and get him going for work. I just fall asleep and I hear Cole's door open, "Momma I want to watch cartoons". Sure kid 7:30am is a perfect time to be up and watch cartoons, I finally get him to settle down when Roy gets up. He then comes into my room to ask me about movies, of course the first 2 he brings me are R and I say no and the 3rd is a go, mind you this was not a simple come in and ask. No each visit was like 10 minutes apart, so each time I get back to sleep here we comes again! Crap I guess I'm getting no sleep today. I guess I'll get up and make breakfast for everyone, I wish I won those free cans of Blaster Batter on Because I Said so blog that would have helped right now. Instead I'm making pancake make it from scratch well with the help of Bisquick :).

After getting the boys seated at the table and hoping if I put them at opposite ends they can't get into too much trouble, I got dressed and ready. I found a Kinko's over on the way to the zoo that will do the boards the same day for me. The one by the office told me they don't have a "Media Coordinator" available on the weekends, I asked so spraying adhesive on a poster board requires a "special person" and like I was nuts she said yes and they only work Mon - Fri, well that makes complete sence. So any ways I found one and hey it's on the way to the zoo, but first I need to pick up the paper for the boards (thankfully I printed those at 6am this morning). So all I need to do is swing by work, drop these off at Kinko's and pick them up on the way back right. Well doing this of course is going to make me late meeting Anngie at the zoo, it just won't be me life with out something. So I had to call and move us back by 1/2 hour which I know sucked, sorry Anngie I know that messed with your plans too.

Well the trips before the zoo only made us 15 minutes late, well if you add the 1/2 hour I already buffed in it's technically 45 minutes late. Geez one day everything will work smooth, I'm thinking if I say this enough it may come true ... positive thinking! We had a great time at the zoo, we got to watch the fish being feed and had a great time walking around. Well the Cole and Kailey had fun running from us and hearing our Mom voices go up a few levels, yup we got a few looks! I politely told a couple well at least we're outside! Got to love me I know!

Here are few great pics from the zoo:

Here we're starting out all smiles, just remember that kids! Today was meet and greet with animals! Look Mom a Rat!

The Zoo says this is the best house pet! Thanks for that insight!
We even got to touch a snake, thankfully it was fake!
The owl that can turn his head almost completly around! Now get this right this is NOT an ant eater, as Anngie was so quickly told by the zoo people.

Man those Zoo people have good ears!

Smiles gone, yup it's time to leave and find food!Look at Cole trying to copy Roy's peace sign.

Only if it was peace around the house.

Lunch was a quick one at McDonalds before we hit home for naps right? Anngie I hope Kailey went down for you since my house wasn't having it! Well Caden fell asleep I got maybe a 1/2 hour nap before Cole came in screaming about Roy. Oh geez I can't wait until Caden gets big enough to be in the mix. So I finally sat up and went to watch my movie Made of Honor cute movie, not a buy one but it did pass the time well. Caden got up and the boards were ready, so we hoped back in the car and went to pick them up along with a little grocery shopping. You know it Roy was asking after the boards if were going home, nope now we get to go shopping! I know it's a dream but I did get Jo-Jo's for the boys to snack on! Nutricion is always my top priortiy when I'm trying to get the groceries and the boys back in the car within a nice time frame! I think I'm going to really sit down and make a montly menu and plan it all out, buy the groceries all in advance! Yup you keep reminding me of this post in a few weeks and see how I'm doing, I'm sure I'll be so on top of it!

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