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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Did you wake up the right side finally?

So today we're back to happy go luck everyone loves being part of the family. Even give the chance to stay home while I take the boys with me, he opts to go with us? But of course as soon as we come home the door is shut. Now do I push this rule and make my shelf stressed out or do I let a rule to be broken and almost shoved into my face? Which is worse stress or your pride being stepped on? At this point I'm not sure if I have the fight or the pride left in me. Rick says just leave it, let him act like this is a hotel. But the whole point of this is to experience our life? I'm so not sure I even want to go on and then I have to tell them he's not listening to the rules and he's sneaking food in to the room. This was clever I think I might have done this trick when I was young (and maybe have done it last week with a peace of chocolate at my moms house, I'm not even going to tell you). The trick is to sneak into the kitchen, gently open the cupboard and take your item out, quickly shove it under your shirt. Then slyly walking almost sideways to your bedroom nonchalantly holding your shirt. Yup never a dead give away that your sneaking food or have that look on your face. Am I being punished for the things I put my parents thru? Isn't it suppose to be my kids doing it to me, not a kid I'm helping!

So today we went to a birthday party and I even took the boys to buy footballs to play with. Some how it has been assumed that they are for the people and not ones I bought for the house. Guess I'm just going to have to eat it and not say anything. Today was a great day he helped with Cole all day long. They played nice and even ate nice together. So I guess just letting the door be closed is my ticket. I eat crow and my household is at peace. But hey don't get too comfortable I'm sure I'll get another email that will totally blind side me!

On a positive note I started the Saturday morning show and it went really well, so no more late Friday nights. Just early Saturday mornings and Saturday late nights. Hopefully I can pick up these hours and get a little extra money to help out. Who knows when the octopus will drop the shoe that pulls him out of here and that extra money will be gone. So we'll just plan like we don't have any extra. The little I get after I pay for food and all the other stuff really isn't worth my hair falling out, which it has been. It also could be my diet, but I'll blame stress.

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