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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just call me taxi driver ...

I think I need to put a taxi hat on and just go for it ... LOL. I'm thinking if I could invite an alarm clock that wakes you up buy saying today is going to be crazy have a minimum of 4 cups of coffee or today will be relaxed ok to stick with the tea. Wouldn't that make our life SO MUCH easier? You could start up by waking up and mentally preparing for a crazy day! I could have really have used that today!

Today we started out with the same as usual, breakfast for Roy, get the boys dressed and head towards the car. Drop Cole off, then drop Caden off and last drop Roy off, then I head to work. I had enough time to drink my coffee and weed thru my desk and the piles I just cleaned up on Friday. My boss comes in and asked if I could do him a favor and pick his wife up for an apt, sure no problem. She's a very nice lady and had surgery on her foot and needed to go to the doctor. I actually like being able to get out every once in a while, plus on the drive there I can listen to my book on CD and win for me. I get there and after a little bit of organizing we get on the road, and then we drive to the place I'm just driving and go with her directions. We get busy talking and totally pass the place, so UP is notorious for there U turns because of the lovely florals in the middle of the road that don't let you take lefts. We turn back around and head to the clinic, I drop her off and then run to the music store to return some music for her while I wait. I picked her back up and we hit Trader Joes which I've never been in and was more in the looky mood instead of the shopping mood. It was such a cool place, I will have to go back soon. While we were there a poor mom was having a moment from her child, you know the one where they are screaming and nothing you do will make them happy. You try so hard to grab your items and make it to the check out, avoiding eye contact as much as you can. Now I'm usually on the other end of this, so I don't get the perspective of seeing it from the other end. I just gave her a smile, since I know I need one in those moments. The other shoppers were a total different story. One older lady actually rather loudly said "when that happened to me, I immediately took my child outside" and then with a nasty glare and a huff she continued shopping. When the child would give up his "moment" the lady once again made a comment it was past nap time, by this time I distanced myself from her since I didn't need my mouth to get me in trouble with my bosses wife next to me. All I can say is so lucky lady, how easily we forget how it is to be in that mothers shoes. It's not easy being a mom and getting dressed and in the car and actually making it to the store is hard enough, then you add in a child that is not happy and your whole world is just too much. You so want to either shrink into the corner or just grab what you can and run for the exit hopping you pay for everything, including whatever item you gave the child to hold hoping that would keep them quite. Yup, that was interesting and I will now step down from my soap box.

Ok back to our trip, we then headed to the chiropractor who was closed early for of course this day ... I think my luck may have rubbed off just a little. We got back on the freeway and headed to the pharmacy, it was a cool looking one with lines for pick up and drop off ... go figure! Stop rolling your eyes @@, yes I did start to go in the wrong line because apparently I can't read! A very pleasant girl (NOT) took the RX and told us 15 minutes, oh wait that was after we asked how long. So with 15 minutes to kill we headed to Panera Bread to pick up some lunch. We picked up an amazing lunch, I had chicken salad sandwich. While I was there they had a deal on bagels so I picked a bag up, the yummiest flavors ... cherry vanilla, Cinnamon crunch, french toast and some other yummy apple one. Looks like I may start to eat breakfast this week, don't even ask the calories I'm pretending right now! I load up the car and back to the pharmacy to pick up the RX. We head back to her house I unload the groceries and set up her lunch, I look at the time and have to head back to the office.

I rush back to work to swap cars real quick so I can make it to my hair apt that is to start in 5 minutes! Yup I'm making that on time. Thankfully my hairdresser was just finish up her previous client when I walked in 10 minutes late. She is great, she did my Winter Colors ... LOL. It's a little on the dark side and she put 3 colors in but right now I'm only seeing 2 dark and very blonde :). I'm sure in a week it will be lighter, but her it is (0k it was styled when I left the house this am, but I'm not sure what happened, I'm going to need better products) ... Hmm looking at this I think I need some Sarah Palin glasses what do you think? She has so many cute ones.:

So after my hair was beautified I got back on the road to pick up the boys, start with Roy, then pick Caden and Khari up (Tarra's daughter) and head for Cole's school. While I'm driving I get a call from my postman to let me know 2 pkgs from Korea arrived and are at the office (wow who knew customer service was still alive). So we head towards the post office and Tarra calls her BF's car broke down and her mom was picking her up, so I'll bring Khari her way. So we pick up the boxes which of course they make Roy come in, not to see an idea but just to see him? WTF I could have brought in an ethnic person, not like they knew he was Korean or who he was real safe! So the boxes are HUGE, so we drop them off at home and head back out.

I've learned the 4 kids and one adult in a car for a long ride can put the test to any one's sanity. We hit the mall and drop car off with Tarra and we head back home. Oh crap I need milk, so we stop at Summit for milk and of course a few more items. I'm on a roll, we might be home a little after 7pm, I'm sure this is helping my cause with Roy saying that it takes too long to get home. Welcome to my world, oh how I miss he single kidless days of home right after work a bowl of cereal and TV.

Ok back to reality, we get home and unload a whole cupboard for Roy's treats his parents sent. I get the boys in PJ's with no luck on bedtime in sight. They both were not having it. Finally get everyone in bed and call rick since he was suppose to be home at 8pm and it's now 10pm. Meeting ran over and he's picking up a bite with the guys. So here I am a little after midnight now and he's just getting home. I swear guys have no concept of respect to call to say hey I'm still with the boys it's going to be a little longer than 11pm like I said. GRRRR ... then you try to talk to them about it and of course your the bad person. Some days don't you wish kids and husbands came with instruction manuals? Maybe I can make that with the alarm clock. Hey let me dream, now I'm going to bed before I kill my hubby or pass out not sure what is going to come first. Hugs.

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