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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Will it ever end?

Yet another sleepless night with Caden, pretty soon I'm going to be a pro functioning on a few hours at the most of sleep. I feel like I have a new born again, but at least then I didn't have to get up at 6am to go to work. And work I have to do, I only get one day before my desk is completely swallowed up by the elves that hide stuff on it and then ask days later why I didn't do the project at hand, I digress!

Today was not to bad until about an hour before I suppose to leave work, now I say suppose to leave since of course I ended up staying over yet again. Which usually isn't too bad but since I have another host family that picks Roy up I'm sure it effects them if I'm a half hour late. Which when I got home and got a call from the wife I learned that I do effect them and I need to make sure I get off on time Tuesday and Thursdays. One more reason I really would like Roy to go to extended care at his school, that way I don't have to inconvenience anyone.

Today we did the pack as many kids in one car as you can. I'm thinking of changing my car color to yellow for a taxi or maybe shrink it down like the clown car it has become! On our way home Roy told me the car ride was boring. What do you tell a child "It's life and deal with it?" or "Do you think I enjoy taking over an hour to get home when I only live 7 minutes from work?". Now if this was one of my boys I'm sure the latter would be coming out of my mouth, but since I'm trying to keep up the June Cleaver instead of letting my inner Roseanne come out I just smile and ask where his book is. So we pack everyone into the car and head home. I let the younger runs outside since it's better there then screaming and running around the house, I'm trying to save the carpets ... which as you'll see later took a beating yet again tonight! During the time of me getting in the door I got count them 5 phone calls! One was Rick telling me he should be home on time, Tarra saying she'll be late, my girlfriend Amy who's been calling and I'm such a bad friend and haven't called her back and yup you got it 2 calls from the host people. The first guy called to talk to Roy about the hitting situation, he got me back on the phone to say he doesn't speak Korean which 1st blew me away and then that he asked if the situation was better or the same, Roy said the same. Which of course blew me away since the boys haven't even been really in the same room for a few days. So the 2nd host person called and talked to Roy since she spoke Korean, and got back on the phone with me to tell me no the situation was better and he understood that I told him that if Cole bugs him to come get me and not to deal with the situation himself. So I guess all is better, Tarra did tell me Saturday that there was some back and forth ruff housing, but at one point it did get a little much when Roy stuck his foot out to trip Cole on the concrete. I know boys will be boys and Cole will soon be doing the same things to Caden and it's just the cycle but it's still hard!

After the whole ordeal I finally start on dinner, hey's only 7pm who needs to eat at a normal time like normal people. Well after I looked in the cupboards blankly it came to me to make a Spam Casserole a girl at work talked to me about. After some searching and of course not finding the recipe I went onto the Internet, can I tell you how nice it is to type in a subject and a whole list appears right before you! So after a quick search and prep time we have dinner, it's only 8pm that's not late right? Dinner was uneventful if you count kids hoping up and running around the table, at least nothing was split. Well that is until Rick came home and you all know what a clean freak he is. That's when it happened Khari took juice (yup you guessed it, red juice) into the living room and of course it went on the carpet. I knew when I heard Rick's voice that something happened. Well the carpets needed to be cleaned tonight, right? So a quick swipe with the carpet cleaner and all is well (thanks to my Christmas present to Rick, that's been one smart investment). Rick had seconds of the casserole which cleaned out the dish for me! Roy even had seconds, so this recipe is so a keeper and so easy to make if you start out on time dinner would be early :).

Tarra and Khari take off and I get the boys to bed. This is when the furniture started to be moved, I guess all the carpets are being cleaned tonight. He even dusted and picked up the front room! Wow, I just have to say nothing and enjoy these rare occasions! Well I tried to go to bed early but of course it isn't happening, so I guess I'll go watch TV. You know got to catch up on my teeny bopper TV shops, 90210 & Privileged were on tonight!

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