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Thursday, September 18, 2008

From Fancy Free and Flying to unhappy and grounded

Today was another day of pure craziness. The thing I knew this morning was I had a big project to get out the door by 11am and I had a flight scheduled for 1pm to fly in a very small airplane taking photographs. Well that was the plan and plans and I do so well together. My project turned out to be a nightmare and with soon I called in the reinforcements ... or should I say re enforcement, since it is only one guy. My helper was way sweet folding 11x17's and punching the wholes in the booklets. The thing was another gal in the office was having a crisis projects also. So this poor guy was in a tug a war between us two ladies, I'm sure he was feeling like he was in a by technically it was just a verbal one. Well I guess at times we might have really wanted to pull him over to our side. And just to be catty my project was so more important, that's my story and I'm sticking to it ... LOL.

So around 11:30 I start to look out the window and notice those grey clouds don't look like they are burning off. So midway thru my project, leaving it in the hands of my helper big mistake I left him right open to be stolen. I try to ask the big boss if I should reschedule. After much debate and a call from the pilot I end up rescheduling my flight for Tuesday. So I go back to my project to find I had been bumped, to say I was miffed would be mild! After nicely "shoving" the other project off the work station because you know it's only mine it couldn't be used for any of the other 50 people in the office! I know I was channeling my 4 year olds tantrum stage. Well at least I didn't stomp my feet like he does, ok maybe just a little! I went back to assembling my 3 volume calculation times 2! My helper tried so hard to be nice and help us both, but this DIVA was taking over. I think at one point I may even had hip hit him out of the way and made the other packet so it would go faster. I know I'm ashamed too, well ok I felt bad for a minute ... oh ok less than a second, stop huffing at me!

After helping the helper get the other project done and making my 3 volume calculation book turn into 3 volumes with one volume continuing into a fourth book I sat down for a quick lunch since you know it was almost 2pm. Yup that 11am went right out the window with my flight. But guess who got to get in their car at 2pm and drive up to Bellevue, you got it me. Well I guess I should be grateful it was Thursday and not a Friday and that the Boeing people are still on strike so my drive only took 2 hours and 45 minutes! If I could tell you the seconds I would, but let's just say my 1 1/2 hour drive was a bit longer today. I was so sleepy in the car I stopped to get an iced coffee, which of course made it's way out of the lid and down my shirt. I pulled into the office half soaked and very miffed off. I had just enough time to pick the boys up and of course Khari, throw together dinner, change my clothes and tag Rick so I could run to the school. I'm so proud to say I was one of the first mom's to be there, it's a first and I'm going to celebrate it. The mandatory meeting didn't hold as much fear in all the parents like it did in me, as I sit in a half empty chapel I notice that not that many showed up at all. The ladies were true to their word and kept it short and sweet and very informative. We as parents help raise money to keep the cost down and even can earn percentage off or FREE tuition you know that got my ears perked up and I'm so down to calling business for donations I have no shame!

I was hope shortly after 7:30pm and had a quick bite with Tarra and Rick. Rick had feed the kids and everyone was watching TV. I have found my house wife, not the way I thought I would but hey I'll take what I can get. Rick cleaned the whole kitchen and dinning room, while Tarra gave all 3 kids baths and I made the lunch's for tomorrow, it was heaven and I'm so not letting anyone out of it! LOL ... it's perfect and Tarra and Khari are invited for every weeknight, as long as she'll do the baths and I'll do the lunches, not sure if we'll always get Rick helping but I'll take what I can get. So my night thankfully ended on a smile, I'm just going to choose to forget the rest :)

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