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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wrangling 3 boys is so much fun ...

Well I didn't get off the phone for my 2nd job until almost 2AM!! This guy kept asking questions and then pausing for long breaks, finally I just had to tell him that I had a queue of calls and had to go. I'm not sure if he was old or if he was some stupid pranker that thoughts its funny to make me sit on the line with him for 25 minutes! So I finally got to bed after 2am and of course couldn't fall to sleep, Rick had stupid Robocop on and my brain was being stupid and wanted to watch it. Then Cole woke up and instead of trying to get him to calm down and wake the baby I brought him in with us. Guess where he decided to fall asleep at, yup the end of my bed sideways. Now if he was at the very end and I could curl up and go to sleep that would be just fine, but no he's up towards the middle so I had to find away sleeping crosswords so much fun. Then at 7am he decided to get up, I talked him into go back to sleep and guess what happened yup Caden got up. Well I guess sleep is overrated and I don't need it caffeine can keep me going right? Well maybe a few chocolate chip cookies too, a few meaning the whole pack right?

Around 8:30am I check my phone and see I have a message from one of my bosses that he would like me in at 10am to put together a project. Sure no problem I can do this with 3 boys! So of course we get there 12 minutes late and I set everyone up in the kitchen to color. Well then Roy gets water and of course then Cole needs water, he then spills it and Roy hits him. It's a great cycle of brothers. I go in there and talk to everyone, mean while asking my boss if he'll wait! Oh geez I'm so earning brownie points! Then we get to talking I hear more screaming, in the course of 30 minutes my boys are crying and screaming, Roy keeps walking around making Cole want to follow him. I once more tell EVERYONE that they need to sit down and color. Yup that last a total of 2 minutes, Roy got up, Cole got mad and Caden rubbing his eyes started to cry, at this point I wanted to join him! After an hour of pure torture for all involved we got back in the car, where it took all my strength not to turn my oldest upside down and tie him to the roof, really I'm just joking but mom strung out and no sleep make you have wicked thoughts that at least make you smile and laugh so that you can get back in the car with out crying.

We head back to the house to meet mom to go to the Korean Market she told Roy about. I'm sure we'll all be on our best behavior. Only if I could buy a bigger car so Caden can have one Roy, Cole can have one row and Roy can sit in the front, in may be worth the money I would spend in gas just for my own sanity. So the market was fun I bought a few items for Roy and then mom and dad took Cole for a while. It was great we had quiet time around here I tried to take a nap but of course that was too much to ask for. It was a peaceful few hours, I should have known it was the calm before the storm.

Mom and Dad brought Cole back plus a new fish, 2 snails and a bunch a greenery for the tank. It was great we were acclimating the new fish and snails and my parents were about to leave when all of a sudden the sound all moms hate to hear. Yup you got it puking, I look down at Caden who is know in tears puking all over the floor. You never saw 3 grown ups run around like crazy people until you seen me and my parents trying to clean up puke that keeps coming, I think I have the next Linda Blair on my hands. I get him undressed and in the bath, I clean him up and hear my mom complaining about the floors and how dirty they are. Crap you don't hear how clean the rest of the house is, which is a HUGE thing since Rick cleaned ... darn that reminds me I need to call the few that answered my cleaning ad. Ok back to my floors, I walk into the kitchen to find my mom on her hands and knees cleaning, oh look there is that macaroni that flew when I opened the box a few weeks ago. I've never claimed to be a clean freak like my parents, probably my rebelish streak against my childhood, too much therapy to think about that. So then she moves on to my table and even more comments. Crap here I was thinking right on they'll visit and the house is clean and they won't be able to say anything. This is while I'm thinking ok they don't have to get that close to the floor to see the film right? So we're about finished cleaning up, oh ok my mom is when the sound comes again. Yup Caden erupted again, on the newly clean floor and clean PJ's I just put him in. Clean him up again, while mom cleans the floor again (my floor is now in shock). By this time my parents are trying to rush to the door before he erupts again and they have to clean again. Well to late, I sit down on the couch and oh yeah all over my shirt and hands. Crap, stop the washer for a 3rd time and throw in my clothes now too, hey why not I so wanted to do a 7th load of laundry today! Now my parents are literally running out the door just waving no hugs nothing, hey I can't blame them it's starting to smell pretty bad in here!

By this time everyone is hungry (well the two older boys) so I heat up the Olive Garden my parents brought us and was about to sit down myself when Roy tells me Caden did it again! Poor little guy I think it's going to be one rough night! Since I'm now in my PJ's and we're so not leaving the house I put on the Speed Racer movie that arrived today. Both older boys sat down for a record breaking 15 minutes before they each stood up, ran around and drove each other and myself insane! I'm so putting everyone to bed early, taking a little nap before I have to log on for my second job. I'm so spent I think it's time to add a wing and move in a nanny from Brazil or somewhere as long as she's not hot! LOL ok I've lost it I'm signing off before I loose it completely.

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