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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines ...

Have you every seen that lady comic that does the mom song?

That is how I felt today. First we get up and running get the everyone dressed and ready for the day ahead. I pack lunches and of course make sure my coffee was poured and pulsing thru my veins before I even attempted to drive a car. We hope in the car and thankfully no one is crying, maybe whining but no actually crying. First stop drop Cole off at daycare/PreK, run his backpack to his cubby on the other end of the school, sign him in and give him a quick hug and kiss. Hop back in the car and drop Caden off at Grandma Pats, give him a quick kiss and wave hi to grandma. Hop back in the car and drop Roy off at the other host families house, thank them again for letting him come over before school. Flip the car around and head to work, phew all in 35 minutes, I think that may be a record! OMG I wish I could take a nap is all I could think, maybe 1 or 2 more cups of coffee.

After the 3 ok 4th cup of coffee I'm feeling half way normal and trying to find my desk. You take one day off and it takes almost a week to recover. It's like taking vacation and when you come back you have so much laundry it's like you need another vacation. Well the lesson of today is even though you're asked to do something find a price and give people the option, yet another thing to add to my list of growing items. After my little learning experience the day went rather fast, tomorrow we'll be a crazy day I'm sure.

And the race begins all over again. I pick Roy up, we stop by the grocery store yet again to pick up some items for this cake I need to make for school. I get in there grab a few items and look down crap I forgot my cloth bag, that's ok I think I will only need one plastic bag I can use it for dirty diapers. Don't you just love how my mind goes back to excuses not to use the cloth bags, at least this time I didn't just buy another one. I'm soon going to end up with the same amount of cloth bags as the plastic bags that are taking up a side of my pantry. One day they come in handy! So I'm in the cake isle, you would think they have a red velvet mix but no they don't. Thankfully I printed out a recipe earlier in the day, well that would help if I would have put it in my purse instead of sitting on my desk! Geez, I look at the time 5:10 everyone is gone from the office. Thinking hat on ... I can call Anng and ask her to Google a recipe for me. I think she was going to pee her pants laughing at me, yup I know I'm a dork. So she gives me a list and oh yeah can you give me the baking instructions since I don't have Internet yet at home. I go down picking up the items, then I look at what all I have to buy and the time it is going to take to do this. By this time it's almost 5:30 and I need to pick Cole up at 6pm or they charge per minute. Oh crap grab 2 boxes of scone mix and some raspberry jelly and call it good.

Back in the car run over to pick Caden up, barely have time to say hi to Grandma or to pay her, geez have to do that in the morning. Hop in the car yet again and race over to Cole's daycare. I had a vision in my mind of Cole sitting there at almost 6pm by himself. I arrive at 5:52 (hey 8 minutes to spare) and there is a bunch of kids, phew I'm not the only one. We drive home, Cole and Roy crash and Caden helps in the kitchen. You know by holding onto the back of my pants while I try to move from the fridge to the stove! Finally I grab a banana and put him in his highchair so I can get a little something done. Get dinner done and Tarra and her daughter Khari show up. We had a great meal and it was so nice to have adult conversation and the kids actually didn't scream too loud.

Bath time and finally a little mommy time I sit down at watch Project Runway and think phew I'm done. Then my brain kicks in and reminds me, HELLO you need to make scones! So I get up and start making scones, Cole of course isn't a sleep in sneaks into the kitchen. Fine you watch and then it's bed time! I think I might be done around 11pm and then we'll do it all again tomorrow!

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