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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taxi Hat Back On ...

I think I have a new calling as a taxi driver. I got to work barely got my butt on the seat before I headed out to take a co-worker to the airport. I dropped him off and headed back to the office, before I left the office I grabbed my book on CD thinking good I can finish this on my way back. Well in theory that is a PERFECT plan, but it helps if you take the car with a CD player. I of course grab the ONE company car with out with, who heard of a car with only a tape player. It's not like this is an old car or anything, so there went that plan. I of course got stuck in traffic so no CD and just the radio that I swear was on a commercial streak. Do you think I can complain anymore? LOL

I was planning to leave a little early to do a few errands before I had to pick up the kids, no of course everything was going smoothly. That is until about 2pm when I'm told 2 jobs are going to hit my desk soon that need to go out today. That's no problem I can get those out with some help. As soon as the first job hits my desk, my boss comes in with a delivery that needs to also go out today that should be coming my way soon. Yup I know never ever make plans to get out early as soon as the thought goes into my mind, the switch goes on to bring on the craziness to Alexis. So here it is 2:30pm and I'm off to Auburn, but I think someone was looking down on me and the traffic was good there and going back to the office. I'm back and it looks like I may get out on time instead of early. My helper and I work hard and get everything packed up and I run out the door.

And the race begins I pick Roy up and then head to pick Caden and Khari up. Before I pick up Cole we stop by the grocery shopping, since I've learned that 3 kids is my max for shopping experiences. We ran thru the store and picked up a few items and then went to pick up Cole. Now I should have known something was wrong when a teacher was waiting at the door at me! Oh crap now this is a very sweet lady, but here's the picture she's about 4' 9" and wow was that a stern look. I wanted to cry myself at this moment, yikes is all I can say to be a kid when she's made at them. So it looks like Cole had an accident he got to playing and didn't tell them he had to go poop. So instead he tried to hide it and I have no clue what happened but it got all over his clothes. You want to see an embarrassed Alexis, lead me into a bathroom where you have a teacher wearing plastic gloves and wipes, cleaning up your child. She hands me a bag with Cole's clothes and I wanted to hide myself. After cleaning him up and putting him in some clothes they had we headed towards the door. I wanted Cole to say sorry to his teachers, of course by now he's embarrassed himself and won't look at her. This made the situation worse and had the teacher very upset. Cross your fingers we'll have a better day tomorrow!

We get home and Cole goes and hides on the couch. I get going on dinner when Tarra comes in. Sounds like I'm not the only one with craziness going on in my life. I finish up dinner and get everyone dressed and ready for bed. I'm about to sit down when Roy's uncle would like to talk to me, did I mention I took a shower right before this and looked like a wet rat? Oh yeah video conference is oh so much fun! The whole time I'm trying to shake my head oh so gracefully to get the water out of my ears and oh yeah fluff my soaked hair. I didn't have time to completely dry off when I heard the knock on the bathroom! I'm sure I made a lovely 1st impression, at least it was memorable! After this I started to hook up the new Internet, after 45 minutes of clicking next I gave up. Made Cole's lunch, while Rick took him on a little drive to have a "talk" about today and the importance of going to the bathroom and NOT hiding it if you have an accident. I have a feeling a bribe was given of a new goldfish! I feel like I'm back in school and don't want to go tomorrow because I'm embarrassed, I can only imagine what Cole feels like and what tomorrow morning is going to have in store for me. During this time Caden is having his new "nightly" freak out doesn't want milk, doesn't want to be held, doesn't want to be left alone fit. So I clean up and let him do his thing, when all of a sudden it's real quite. This usually means trouble and I better run quick where the last noise came from. But to my surprise this is what I found:

Rick brought Cole home and everyone seemed to be in a better mood, Cole of course woke Caden up. So I put Cole to bed and feed Caden real quick. Rick and I had a great time catching up on today's events and finally I think I better head to bed. Tomorrow really does have to be better right? It's Friday tomorrow right?

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