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Saturday, September 6, 2008

My most relaxed Saturday ...

Today I'm proud to say I did as little as possible. Well let's start with today was the day I was to start Direct TV, part of the bundle package thru Qwest. Yup another disappointment, he gets her starts telling me I'm going to have to pay for install? What that is part of the package, no it isn't. Then he informed me no the DVR doesn't work in two rooms like you were told. Then he calls customer services, they say yes it can. He then goes back out to his car and talks to his supervisor and comes back in to say no it won't work. WTF? He then tells me I would need a 2nd DVR for $99. Really I now I get all the crap, but I know I don't have stupid wrote on my forhead! So I tell him no I don't won't the services, he then says well we could do the DVR in two rooms but it will cost you? Ok now I know I really don't want your services with in your 1/2 hour visit you've switched on me 3 times! Then he tells me the reason I was told that is because some of these guys work for Dish and Direct, then they need to make sure to have the info correct! I was so over it, so he leaves and guess what he woke the baby up and left all the furniture that he moved out. Yup I tried to move the tower back for the front room and it wouldn't budge, either would the dresser in the kids room. I'm starting to believe I was a bad person in a past life and I'm now paying for it.

Well after thinking that I need some serious space before I go crazy. I took the kids outside, I got the impression that playing around outside wasn't fun for Roy. He was giving me the same look Cole gives me when I try to take him grocery shopping. Fine I hear that look loud and clear, off to the library we go. A quick trip to Target for popcorn, hey I get to walk and the boys munch on popcorn. After a while I start getting the look for the older boys and figure my time is up and soon the pumpkin will appear and my clothes will go back to rags. Oh wait ... that is what it already is, so much for the fairy godmother.

So back to the house with wound up grumpy kids, I guess I could take them somewhere but I'm so tired from this week that I'm just heading home. Maybe if I click my heels, oh wait yet another fairytale. Back to reality!

I think I need a vacation

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