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Friday, September 26, 2008

Back to the basic's ...

So yesterday Cole went back to Grandma Pat's which when we pulled up really hit him hard. He didn't want to get out of the car, he wanted to go to school! Talk about a time for me to buck and hold my tears, no time like the present! So I put on my brave face, thanking that he is young and can't read my eyes and I tell him in my most cheerful voice that he can go back soon we just have to work on going potty by ourselves. After a few minutes I talk him out of the car and into Grandma's house. Well today is going to be a wonderful day is all I can think!
Work of course was crazy as usual but a bright spot is my mom was being so sweet an brought over some groceries and a check for the hours I did on my grandfathers estate. Score we can buy groceries now! I even made it to the bank and was able to leave a little early to drop off a bill before they closed early of course. I picked the boys and Khari up and dropped the bill of in 5 minutes to spare. I know this because the lovely receptionist told me, I was waiting for her to bust out in the seconds and count down at any moment. After that lovely experience I ventured with all the kids to Save A-Lot, yup that was a treat. Cole running, Roy running around, Caden smelling poopy (I just can't get away from poop) and Khari trying to bite threw the wrapper on the string cheese. Yup it was a lovely experience, I loved it so much that I ventured over to the organic store to see if they had any deals on cereal since Roy loves that for breakfast. The organic store has a cat and shopping carts that is a design of 2 hand baskets attached to a little kid size cart skeleton. Enough room for Caden only so Khari had to walk. This store is very small I didn't think we would have any problems. My mistake it just makes it easier to run around and chase the cat. Roy would go out the door an the kids would follow, I almost wrung every ones neck by the time we got back in the car!
I did get home and start on dinner, in between doing laundry, playing referee with Cole and Roy, telling Caden and Khari to stay out of the remotes and the videos. By the time Tarra got there I was about to have a nervous breakdown. Of course this is the day that Tarra had training and was running behind, any other day would have been fine but today it's like I had 4 demon children running around. And oh yeah the host people are coming that night at 7:30pm, let's just add more to the mix. I was able to finally get food on the table, and just sat down when the knock at the door happened. It wouldn't be life if they weren't 25 minutes early! Everyone finished up, and thank the lord for Tarra she took the 3 youngest into the bathroom for bath time. You could hear the kids threw the house I know she was having so much fun, you could see by the amount of water that was on the floor, which of course I didn't get cleaned up before Rick got home who of course wasn't happy. While the bath wars were going on I was talking with one of the host people, while the other person took Roy into his room. It was a nice talk I had the lady came out and talked to me, she let me know that Roy really likes us and my parents but Cole is a little much for him. Now most days I'm very sweet and just smile, but after the week I've had I wasn't doing it any longer. In the nicest voice I could muster I let them know that Cole is 4 and Roy is 10 they are boys and play like brothers. Either one wants to play and then the other is done, there energy levels are also at different levels. Also Roy spends more time in his room for this "quiet time" that he is needing and that he comes out, plays for a while and then goes back in. The only rule I have is keep the door open and NO eating in the room. So I think that went over well, I didn't burst into tears and I didn't scream so I'm calling it a good talk! I must state I know my child is far from perfect at times I would love to have "Quiet Time" but life and especially my world is far from it either you are part of it or you not. I think I may have finally reached a breaking point. So it seems that I have gotten it off my chest and waiting for the other shoe ... wait haven't all the shoes dropped? Maybe it's an octopus above me and I have 6 more shoes coming my way?
Well 8pm is Cole's bedtime, but our visitors didn't leave until 9pm. Talk about fun time trying to get everyone settled down and in bed! So Rick decided to clean the fish tank since it looked like poop, yup the theme in my house is now poop. Soon I'm going to have nightmares of poop, like that charter that show Rick likes "South Park".
Before I have some silly song stuck in my head I'm signing off now, I'm sure today will have more fun to add!

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