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Friday, September 12, 2008

I made it to Friday ...

I didn't think this day would come, well I knew it would but my mind it would come but my body and head just didn't want to believe it could come true. Today was like how the rest of this week was crazy and I thought I might just break down and either cry or pull my hair out or if I was lucky throw a stapler and hit someone. Just joking I would never do that, but it made a great picture in my head to make me laugh and to stop from crying. It wasn't that anyone was mean or rude to me it was that nothing was going right. First I had a going away card that was on my desk the other day until someone came in and told me they were taking it. Ok good it's off my desk, well today of course that person is out of the office and the card is missing guess who is getting the look like they lost the card. I have this great feeling it will somehow appear on my desk and make me look like a complete goof. I know it's not there I searched and cleaned and it wasn't there so if it reappears on Monday I'm going to be one unhappy camper. But of course it's not like you can say really I didn't loose it, it really wasn't hear the other day. That's when you get my famous third eye look, like I really am crazy. So after crawling on my hands and knees to see if maybe if fell down, I got up brushed myself off and tried to appear as lady like as I could while trying to stand and not hit my head on the desk. Yup that went over like a lead balloon, grace is not my middle name. So after running around crazy I'm still no closer to finding the card or completing any of my other task. I keep starting on a task and then someone comes in and ask me to do something else, then it takes forever to get back to the first task. I no longer can say it's "One of those days" because the days have been weeks, and then months and now I'm going closer to a year. I'm starting to loose hope that theirs a light at the end. I think I just need to except that my life will always been crazy with crackers mushed in my carpet, half eaten fruit snacks on the couch cushions and food not only on the floor but been walked in and trailed thru the house! Bring on the crazy I don't know what to do with out it.

Ok I so need a break after thinking that whole sentance up! So just to add some fun to my life I take a trip to my parents house. I can't believe it's almost 7pm by the time I get there, what a long day. It was nice though everyone played outside and I was able to just chase one kid. Dad took Cole and played ball, while Mom took Roy and played Whiffle ball, my only charge was the youngest Caden who know that he has learned to walk is oh so daring and NO is not in the words he chooses to listen to. Rick was suppose to be right behind me but of course got caught up and didn't get there until 7:30ish. He took Roy out Jetskiing while Cole threw Rocks and Caden tried yet again the escape routine.
A few pictures from my parents house

Wiffle ball (Mom, Cole & Roy)

Dad hang out on the decks with Caden

Dad, Caden & Roy hanging out on the dock

Monnie & Bapa and Caden

I'm a sleep mom take my picture

It was a great night we got home in time for me to set up my new Internet. Oh you mean it takes time to do that? REALLY can't I just plug it in and it will start up? Of course not it took forever for it to load. Just in time for me to log in for my 2nd job, computer was acting very slow and hung up a few times. Now a normal person would take this as a sign and call their IT guy in the morning (in my case my dad) and not try to push it. Not my case, I say I'll take on a 2nd shift at 6am even though this shift ends at 1:30am. I can do it, just bring on the coffee! Fingers crossed today goes well!

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