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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cranky sick little one to the fair

Today after going to bed at 2am, I'm woke up at 5:45 by Caden screaming. He was burning up, I gave him some Tylenol and tried a bottle. Around 6:30am Rick got dressed and tried to take him for a drive to calm him down. I took that as my chance to get a little sleep before the day started. Around 7:30am they arrive back at the house, guess I have a break light out and Rick got pulled over. It was a nice cop who just let him know, probably saw the sleeping baby and had a soft spot. Caden was sleeping so I took the opportunity to sleep with him until 9am. At 9am I got up made belgain waffles from scratch ... ok from bisquick but that is mostly scratch right? Well Sandra Lee says it's Semi-Home made so I'm sticking with that. While the kids ate I got dressed and started to get Caden dressed. The fever broke but he was oh so cranky, I knew if I took him out and kept moving he would be oh so much happier then if we stayed inside. So leaving 15 mintues after the time I was suppose to be meeting Tarra, we hit the highway. We meet Tarra at Safeway for a quick supply run, I refuse to pay $5 for a drink, the food you got me but the drinks I'll bring in with us. Plus batteries for my camera since it seems mine are yet again dead. So an hour behind schedule we head to the fair, but not before we paid $12 a peace for parking! Can you believe that you have to pay that crazy amount to park your car in like sardiens, talk about making a killing plus they charge you a premium to get in and don't get me started about what they charge you for food. Got to love a day out of fun items!

We started out at the big pumpkin carving, which was so cool those pumpkins are HUGE. I could only wish my pumpkins would grow that big mine only get to be the size a small melon not even big enough to carve. We then walked thru to visit all the pets, it was so cool they had baby pigglets the night before. Those pigglets were so cute and I counted 10 could you imagine having that many babies at once? I think we walked around for hours looking at the animals, it was so fun I think Roy even got a kick out of it. We then walked over to the kids zone so Khari and Cole could ride some rides it was so cute the big smiles are their faces. We then went over to the roller coaster for Cole and Roy to ride together, but Cole was too short. His feelings got hurt so while Roy went with another big kid we ran Khari and Cole over to ride one more ride together. A few more quick rides for Roy and we headed towards the door. Both Tarra and my feet were killing me and Caden was so done. Poor little guy hung in there like a trooper, I can't wait until next year when he can ride on some rides also.

Some Fun Fair Pictures:
Look Mom I'm Driving Khari

Look Everyone being so nice and decorating thier tiles!

Look Mom at my Tile I decorated!

Do you think I can see your face? Oh ok fine!
Look at me I can drive! Oh boy watch out world!
I'm tried mom can we go home.
I think I'll ride and you can pull me.

A rare moment when Caden was awake and happy.

And this is what we saw most of the time.

He flipped himself around and was trying to escape until he feel asleep.

Back to the car we go and then sit in traffic forever, which wasn't helping the situation with Caden who know had elevated to a very high pitch scream. I took a short cut and finally got to a main road that didn't look any better, so the back roads is the way we went. Finally home to chill out and let my knee rest which is know double it's size and hurting so bad. Geez anymore of thius and I may have to get that knee replacement ... grrr.

Caden is having a very rough not so far, I can only imagine what the rest of it is going to look like. Fingers crossed tonight isn't too bad, but I'm not holding out hope.

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