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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guess what I did yesterday?

I got to put my voluminous butt into a VERY small 2 person aircraft and fly around for a little over 2 hours taking aerial shots. Now I've done this once before and had no problem at all, mind you that was a 1 to 1 1/2 hours. It was a clear beautiful day and no ups and downs. Now today was a very nice day also but as I soon learned it was very windy. Maybe stopping to eat a granola wasn't my best idea because I was starting to feel very puny. Or it could also be my nervous since I asked the pilot how long he's been flying and he looks at me and says oh regularly for 3 years! Now 3 years is a great time, but for one to give their life into a person that's been up for that short of a time. He did tell me he learned when he was 12 and has been doing it off and on since then. Yup that made me feel oh so much better since he only looked 16, just playing but he sure was young. And let me tell you those little planes are little and when you're not a stick figure, sitting in there can be a little too close for comfort. Yup I'm so on a diet! I did get some really cool pictures of the mountains and the very tiny plane just to show you that I'm not being drama queen (well I might be just a little).

Here are few of my favorite pictures that I took before I felt like thrown up:

Here is Mt RainierThe Tacoma Dome

Tacoma Narrows Bridge (New and Old Bridges)Ok he said this was Mt. Baker (I'm horrible at Geography, I'll take his word)

And the closterphobic machine, I mean the airplane I flew onSo after my flight I'm feeling queasy and not really wanted to deal with much. I get back to the office to do a few things before I have to pick Roy up. Then we pick up Cole, he's in a different shirt then I put him in. Oh crap what happened now, please God just be he got paint on himself. Yup no luck there, he had an accident while going potty. He hasn't perfected the wiping technique yet, bravo he had it to the toilet at least! So I got "the talk" that he has to be able to wipe all on his own. Then she looked at me with that look, really I almost cried by this point, that they will give it a few weeks, then .... that is where she stopped and the look went on. Oh crap what the heck am I going to do. I'm so exhausted these days, trying to hard to please everyone and get everything done and now this. I know he's trying and he's scared and really wants to be good, but just hasn't been able to figure out the whole wiping thing. So here I am not knowing what to do. If any of you have suggestions or know anything I REALLY would appreciate any help!

Well that is how my night should end me just spent and trying to figure out this new dilemma. But instead Roy informed me last night that there is a meeting at his school tonight! Really, I guess he has a paper that is suppose to come to me every Thursday that he hasn't been giving me even though I've been asking every night if I need to sign or see anything. Kids they really may be the death of me. So I hop back in the car with Roy and set out to his school, of course I'm 15 minutes late since I had to deal with Cole and feed everyone. We got to stand outside since the gym was packed and we were late! I did get to see his teacher, who I emailed for help today. She did the thing I needed the most she gave me a hug. Who would know that the simple little thing was what I needed? We stayed for a 1/2 hour and then headed home.

Home sweet home, NOT! LOL poor Tarra and Rick I left them with the 3 youngest kids and the house was crazy and there was screaming. Roy looked at me before I answered the door and said Cole. I'm glad to say this time it wasn't my kid, but Cole did try to go poop again by himself and made a HUGE mess. So Rick was in the bathroom scrubbing it down. I am now the proud owner of a bathroom that you could eat out of (well that is probably until this morning) but he bleached and scrubbed the whole thing. He has been on a cleaning kick, thank the lord! So I put everyone to bed and decided that I'm going to pray for help.

Here I am hoping today will be better and I won't have to pull Cole out of school. He's doing so well in school it's just the daycare part and having to poop! Lord give me strength because right now I really need it. And P.S. Thank you Tarra she also saw I was needing a hug and give me one too last night. Just the little things that make me a little teary.

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