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Thursday, September 4, 2008

And the race continues ...

Really I think I do my best when I'm running, now only if all this running around would help loose weight. Now if I could figure that out we would be a head of the game! Yet another fun morning of 3 stops before I can get to work. Today was review day at work, do you ever feel like your having the "talk" with your parents when you have to go into a close door meeting with your boss. I get so nervous, start biting my lip and fidget like I'm a kid. I feel like I'm talking to my dad telling him I got all A's and he's giving me the look and saying you could have done better. I'm sure there is some Froidism in there, that I'm sure I don't want to know the answer. Well you take the good and the bad and work forward. Good news the proposal I did 2 weeks ago all by myself was short listed! Which is amazing since everyone here didn't really want or think we could get the job, let alone no one helping me do the proposal the hopes were VERY low I could even get anything that looked nice. I'm happy to say my first solo attempt has blown people away, let's keep the ball rolling!

Since my life is not crazy enough I found a toy box on craigslist that I just had to go pick up today. Well the address in Puyallup turned out to be out in the boondocks, it took almost 40 in heavy traffic to get there. Yup the $20 toy box was oh so worth the gas ... LOL. Sometimes my logic is totally off whack! So of course this is the same night the host people are coming to visit, I call and let them know we'll be late. The traffic actually wasn't bad at all on the way home so we actually made it home only 5 minutes after the time they were suppose to be there. We walk in the door to the wonderful smells of my pork roast, have I told you how much I love my crock pot! It had to be a busy mom that created it, because it's a life saver! We were able to sit down and eat, Roy even had seconds keeping this recipe! Oh wait it's one I made up in my head, maybe I should write it down, nah I won't forget it right? I even had time to do the dishes and wash the toy box before the host people came! Score I'm so on top of it! We survived the visit and think we're doing well!

Rick came home and took the boys to the store to pick up a few things. Leaving me and Caden to hang out, wow I don't know what to do when it's so quiet in the house. I think I'll turn the TV on loud to make it feel normal around here! Well today was a pretty good day minus the lessons of the day :). I'm rolling on and hey I even got the crock pot washed, now that is a gold star moment if I ever saw one! Tomorrow should be fun only 2 stops in the morning, Grandma is taking the day off and Dad is coming to stay with Caden. Oh boy cross your fingers he doesn't scream all day. Can't wait for this anxiety stage is over! Also cross your fingers my new Internet comes tomorrow, still hasn't arrived and I need to do my second job tomorrow before they get really upset with me!

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