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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Peace is restored is it just a false hope ... time will tell

Today was great beside the fact of being woke up at 6:30am by both boys, since I went to bed around 2:30 I wasn't the happiest camper with this. With a little luck and some bribing I was able to get everyone back down and we didn't wake up until after 9am. I don't think I've slept in past 7am in 3 years! Wow could it be things are changing around? Or is it just a fluke that today everyone was tired? I guess I'll choose the glass half full theory and run with it. Feeling all refreshed I got up and made banana chocolate chip pancakes, with fruit on the side. Betty Crocker here I come, oh wait it was Bisquick and I added 2 items big whoop!

My lovely friend Amy invited me and the boys over to hang out and play. It was so great to let everyone run in her huge back yard. We only had a few moments where the ball throwing got out of hand, besides that peace was in the air. We even had one of Amy's famous concoctions of crystal light and vodka (It had to be noon somewhere right?). I'm telling you these last few days have been trying and it was so nice to just veg and talk to someone, get a little advice and also here that I'm not just being one of "Those Mom's" that thinks it's always the other kids fault. We had a fun time tossing the ball, Amy's husband even threw the football around with the boys. We had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed the sun, I'm sure my bliss will be cut short soon enough with some email or call but right now I'm enjoying the time. Choosing to ignore the door being shut and just going with it.

Rick's back was out today so we didn't stay too late, I had to bring some food home plus I needed to do a few errands. We got home the boys played well together, but again you know the rough housing was there. It's hard to say stop it your both laughing I don't want to hear that you didn't like this since you're the one that started the rough housing. I'm not sure what to do except just keep a close eye and make sure Cole stays on his best behavior. In a way it's good for him, but also I don't want to make it so he can't be a kid and play. A fine line that one must walk to make sure the peace stays.

So the quick post before I go to bed, hoping that the calm and the storm has already hit and that another one is not soon on it's heals. Also no calls about Cole's school about letting him come back. They have a Field trip tomorrow that I really wanted him to go to, that really bums me. I am VERY proud to say we are on day 4 of no accidents, doing pretty well at wiping so it's looking well on his end (LOL, his end ... ok bed time). But Mr. Caden has now taken on the role of poop boy. We are on day 2 of him pooping in the tub! I live in Poopville and I am the queen, yippee for me!

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