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Monday, September 22, 2008

On the edge of my seat ...

The moment of truth, I turn over the boards I had done up yesterday. Now this could be oh we love them or What did you do and we have no time to fix them! I'm glad to say the boards went over well along with the other material I printed up for the meeting. Phew is all I can say right now I was tossing and turning all night long! My desk is completely covered and I'm trying to get my mind back into the gear and not think it's sleep deprived!

While I was out running an errand I heard a commercial for ground beef on sale, so I ran into Albertsons. Ok I was looking and looking and couldn't find it for the life of me, so I ask she's like it's in the butcher block. The what? Ok for those of us who don't use the meat counter since usually everything in there is so out of my price range, it's called a butcher block. I felt like a rich gal today or at least in my mother league. They actually wrapped it and separated it in 2 lb bags for me. I felt like the queen of the ball, walking out with my brown paper wrapped meat. Ok I know your so rolling @@ your eyes, it not a big thing to most but for us who never go to the meat section it's a HUGE deal. I'm so a fan of Albertson's now.

The rest of the day flew by and I could hardly get everything out the door. At 5pm the phones hadn't been turned over yet and guess who answered the phone and who was on the other end. The other host family was calling me to make sure I was coming to pick him up now, they had an apt to go to. I'm telling you I use to be able to get out at 4:30pm no problems, now that people are expecting me to leave at 4:30pm I hardly can get out until 5pm if I'm lucky, just life sending me a raspberry that's all! So of course right as I'm running for the door the big boss wants to talk to me, it never fails. Well it looks like we didn't get the job but they commented that they liked our presentation so that's a plus and hopefully they'll remember us for the next project. I run to the car forgetting that I parked out front and not in back so like a dork I went out the wrong door ran to the car and made it there only 15 minutes late, well if you add in the 30 I worked over it's technically 45 but who's counting right ... I know they are! Well in my mad rush for the car I totally forgot my gourmet meat, so I had to go back to the office to pick up the meat and head out to pick the rest of the boys up. I made it to Cole's daycare 10 minutes before the time they start charging per minute. Phew talk about a busy day.

I got home made taco's which Cole ate up like nothing I've seen before. While I was cleaning up one of the ladies called about the cleaning job. Out of 8 people that emailed she's the only one that actually kept on me since I'm so good at calling people back. She stopped by the house her name is Leah and she seemed very nice, I'm going to try her out this Saturday. I'm really happy to have the help. Now I can have Rick be the yard boy, Tarra be my bath girl and play with the kids while I make dinner and now Leah to help clean the bathroom, kitchen/dinning room and the vacuuming! I'm so set so I don't have the typical house wife but this is the best I'm going to get!

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